What a stressful time

This year, my goal is to get moving and to finally make the effort to get into shape. I used to exercise all the time, but over the past few years, I have been really slacking. My schedule has gotten so busy that it is difficult to make the necessary time to workout, or even cook good meals for myself. When I get home each night, I’m always too tired to actually make a good meal for myself, and I always end up eating fast food. I want to start eating better, and I also want to start making time to fit exercising into my schedule. I’ve been thinking about whether it’s better to buy a membership through a gym, or to try and exercise on my own. The good thing about a gym is that they always have excellent temperature control. The air conditioning always seems to be at the perfect level to maintain everyone’s comfort, even when they are sweating. That being said, I did just make a bunch of updates to my HVAC system at home, including a new air conditioner. It works really well, and I could have the same sort of air conditioning that a gym does. I could lose weight and save some money by working out at home instead of purchasing a gym membership. Additionally, I keep to a regular HVAC maintenance schedule, so I will never have to worry about my air conditioner dying in the middle of a workout. I might even have to start using my furnace while I exercise, so that I can encourage my body to sweat away all those excess calories! air-quality

Air conditioning unit

I have recently made the commitment to finally get back into shape, because I have gained a ton of weight over the past few years. I think that my problem is that I really don’t make time in my schedule to exercise or to eat healthily. Most nights, I end up coming home from work and ordering out, just because it is easier than cooking. I am hoping to lose at least 30 pounds over the next year, but that means that I need to figure out how I want to exercise. If I get a gym membership, the good thing is that I will always have plenty of air conditioning to keep me cool while I sweat. I definitely don’t want to run outside, because the heat and humidity is too much for me. At a gym, however, I could run on a treadmill and at least have air conditioning to keep me comfortable! Recently, I have been considering the option of exercising completely at home. I just recently had a brand new air conditioning unit installed in my home, so I could easily stay comfortable. On top of that, I regularly have an HVAC technician come and inspect my HVAC unit to make sure that everything is working properly. Given this, I really think that I could exercise at home. I could have the same levels of air conditioning that a gym does for a fraction of the cost of a gym membership. I’ve even been thinking about the possibility of keeping my furnace running at a high temperature, just so I can sweat more and maybe lose more weight!  

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We need to save on energy

This previous year has been tough for me. It started off with my employer shutting down its operations, laying all of its employees off. I had been with this employer over the last 10 years and was definitely in shock after everything happened. I am the sole earner for my loved ones, so I needed to locate a job that would pay the same wage. This was extremely difficult and after 11 weeks of being unemployed, I had drained the majority of my family’s savings account. My two children were desperate to take a vacation that summer season, but there was clearly no way I could swing it because I did not have a job. I searched for employment all summer, but was getting nowhere. Once the kids returned to school that fall, I was bound and determined to find any kind of job. But when I applied at a local fast food restaurant, they said that I was overqualified. At that point, the weather was getting cold and it was time to start turning on the home’s heating system to keep my family warm. But I knew that the heating system was quite old and not very efficient, meaning it was going to have costly energy bills. There would be no way that I could afford to pay these heating bills without having a job. My sister was kind enough to lend me two hundred bucks until I got back on my feet. I am thankful to say that I have just returned to a job, even though I am making half what I made at my last job.hvac-tune-up

My life goals are panning out!

I am very motivated to make a big life change and get back into good shape. I am a little bit overweight, and my clothes aren’t fitting as well as they should. It’s gotten worse over the past few months, and I think it’s really because I’m bad at organizing my time. I forget to make time in my schedule to visit the gym, and I never leave enough time in the day for me to cook good meals. Instead, it’s so much easier to eat fast food or just order a pizza. If I improved my organizational skills, I think that I could lose a significant amount of weight over the next year. My first goal is to decide how my workout schedule should be structured. This means deciding whether to exercise at home or to enroll in a membership plan at a gym. The good thing about a gym is that they always have high levels of air conditioning, which would really help me feel comfortable during my workout. I could always run around my neighborhood, but being outside in the heat without air conditioning would be horrible. That got me thinking about working out in my living room, because there are tons of workout plans and DVD’s that can be done right from home. I am always really great at keeping my HVAC units maintained, and I have an HVAC technician come to my home twice each year to check them. I know that my air conditioning is in top shape, so I wouldn’t have to worry about getting overheated while I work out! To be honest, if I start exercising at home, I might even turn the furnace on high, so I can really start sweating off all those calories!

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My goals are set pretty high

My New Year’s resolution is to lose some weight and to start building some muscle. Over the past few years, I’ve definitely gained some weight, and I think it started in my first year of university. The essential problem is that I have zero organizational skills. I always forget to plan ahead, which means that it’s hard to make time to go to the gym, and I don’t eat very well. Instead of cooking a healthy dinner for myself, I wait until the last minute and end up ordering Chinese food or eating a whole pizza for dinner. If I could get myself organized and start planning a little better, I could really start being healthy by eating right and exercising regularly. My first plan is to establish a good workout schedule, but I can’t decide if I want to purchase a membership at a gym, or try to work out at home. Back in highschool, I ran a lot, but I don’t think that I could handle the summer heat. Now, I’ve gotten so used to having air conditioning, that I don’t think I could handle running outside. Working out at a gym might be the best option, because they always have their air conditioner running. There’s always the option of buying gym equipment for my home, too. I just recently had an HVAC technician come inspect my heating and cooling units, and they actually ended up completely replacing my Heating & A/C equipment. They also cleaned the ductwork and air vents to make sure that there wasn’t any dust or dirt, so my home could be a perfect gym environment. I might even choose to run the furnace when I workout, just to help me sweat more!

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life goals

I’ve made it my new year’s resolution to get into shape. I am kind of overweight and I have been this way since my first year of college. My problem lies in my organizational skills. They are so awful. I always forget to plan ahead. I don’t plan enough time to go to the gym and I don’t plan meals. Every night I come home and don’t have enough time to make a healthy dinner. So I order Chinese food or I grab pizza on the way home. If I just could plan a bit better I bet that I could get good at working out and eating healthy. Maybe within 12 months I could get into good shape again like I was in high school. One of my first plans is to get a workout schedule. What I can’t decide is whether I want to buy a gym membership or just run and workout at home. I used to be a runner, so I know what it will take to take that on as a lifestyle. But the summer heat is what kills me. If I choose to work out at home or in a gym they will have air conditioning. This could help keep me coming back. If just actually had an HVAC technician come to my house and completely update my HVAC equipment. They cleaned my ductless HVAC system and ran tests on my HVAC zone controls system, so I know that my house will be perfect. If I need to run the furnace in the winter, that could help me sweat off all my bad decisions.


Enjoying the heating and cooling

In high school I had the genius idea to create a business plan unlike any other. I was able to invent a technique of washing clothes that takes your normal dry cleaner and makes it 300 times more efficient. At my business, we ensure that we are able to get all clothes washed and pressed within half an hour. Sometimes we can do it faster than that too. Our washing process is a secret that we will not share, but our drying process is simple but we are the only ones doing it. We’ve incorporated a room that we set all the clothes within when they have been washed. It took me a few years in high school to come up with this idea but once I did I knew it would be successful. I was also lucky because my dad owned his private HVAC Company. After a few summers of working together with him I started to apply what he taught me to other things, such as this business. The heating and cooling elements that you make use of to keep a house cold or hot might applied to clothes in a sizable scale and it was awesome when I figured this out. When we were called to an air conditioner installation and furnace installation, my dad told me to go with the HVAC zone control. Different temperatures could be set in different areas of the place. If we apply that to at least one room and utilize the ductless HVAC equipment, we can make a room a place that will successfully dry clothes in several minutes. I stole the idea from an HVAC business, so I give them credit as well for my idea. We utilize an air tight room, and an HVAC system much wider than the one probably on your property. It has an HVAC zone control to meet the needs of all the clothes optimal dying temps. This way there is never any situation that shrinks and we can get the clothes in and out easily.


Indoor air cleaner

It was not until college that I really started to appreciate history class. What I was into was history involving religion. I loved taking trips to ancient European churches within the 15th century. So when I got a grant from my school to take a tour to go visit a bunch of different catholic churches I was so excited. I was more excited when I was asked to live at the church and work as a historical expert, renovating it and giving tours. They wanted me to stay for a year and half and I graciously accepted. I graduated from my previous semester of college and I was off. As i first looked at this religious place, it became clear what it needed the absolute most. Modern building codes forbid public structures to become enclosed with zero venting. But the trouble was, most of the buildings were so old that it was hard to get a modern HVAC unit installed to ensure they were up to code. I decided to connect with a local HVAC company to style a ductless HVAC unit that wouldn’t retain from the historical aspect with the building, but also make the building safe and temperature controlled. We managed to put an air conditioner and furnace in the church and they were actually hidden. In conclusion, the look of the church did not change but the quality of it absolutely did.

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Tips for your humidity control

Some people do a lot of high maintenance stuff. But I don’t.  I don’t drink fancy coffee or anything like that. One thing I can’t stay without, however, is my humidifier. That’s basically the only high maintenance thing that I obsess over. Probably the most frustrating day of my life was when it stopped working on me. It was a dry winter, and my house was so dry. I kept getting static shocks each time I petted the cat or dog. Needless to say, it has not been a great day for all of us in the house. I had to review the humidifier to see if there seemed to be anything I could do to fix it before spending money on a service call. First, I ensured that the bypass damper and water valves were both launched and working properly. I also double checked that the humidistat was turned up to the right appropriate level. My water panel hasn’t been clogged, and from what I could tell, the motor of the humidifier pad was installed appropriately. I eventually did have to call for professional HVAC service upon that. I really had to wait about three hours for the HVAC technician to arrive. He or she checked the wiring, the float, the humidistat, and the motor as well. He seemed a bit confused for quite a while. Eventually he figured it all out, he found that the solenoid valve had been faulty and he surely could make a repair. commercial-heating-and-air

I’m not sure what’s wrong with this HVAC equipment

Spas are so relaxing. I love getting all of the different kinds of spa treatments and the cool offers that they have. All year I spend less of my money so when I get a chance, I book a new spa that have not been to before. I even signed up for a credit card,so that when I book these spas, it gives me points for any dollar spent. Normally I usually like to go for a week. I get massaged, and sit inside the hot tubs. Sometimes I even like to the do the mud treatments. I’ve only tried it this one time. I enjoyed it though thus might try it again this time around. My vacation time is finally good to go at work, and I booked the reservation with my charge card. I packed my bags and was gone by that afternoon. Everything was going wonderful. I checked in at the spa’s hotel, I unpacked a bags, and even got a free cocktail when I walked in there. I was ready for a the lovely spa treatments. I had pointed out that it was kind of chilly when I got inside. So, I asked the receptionist regarding this and she said that the air conditioner had been malfunctioning. She also said that that HVAC Company was coming out in just a few hours to go and fix it. I thought nothing of the air conditioner or furnace so I went on with my day. I wanted to try that mud bath first because I’d loved it last time. It was kind of chilly within the room so I rushed to the bath and hopped in. The mud was warm and soothing. I laid back and relaxed. I even took a nap. When I woke, something terrible happened. The HVAC unit had been blowing so much cold air that the mud hardened like a rock and I had to scream for help to have someone to help me out of the tub.

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