I’ve noticed air conditioning in many areas

Have you by any chance watched the television show that has people wanting to purchase homes far away? I like to watch that show because I just love to see what many other countries are like and I can’t afford to go anywhere. The most entertaining element of this show is seeing how different things are there as opposed to here. They often have tiny kitchens and bathrooms and many do not have central air conditioning. Some don’t have any air conditioning at all. No one ever buys air conditioning units. A lot of residences have a type of HVAC system that is just starting out here in terms of popularity. These are called mini split air conditioning systems. They look sort of like an old fashioned window air conditioner but they work a lot better than that. There is an outside HVAC unit that’s connected to the inside unit with wiring. There are no ducts. They are ductless air conditioning systems! They are especially nice if you don’t want to run ductwork all over your house. Also the ductless mini split HVAC systems are common in condominiums and apartment rentals. Also very common in a places they show overseas are radiant heated floors. They are considered quite luxurious here, but in other countries they can be normal. It is interesting to find all the differences in housing internationally, from the materials that are being used to build the homes to the differences in appliances. The most interesting thing is the differences within heating and cooling systems.

air conditioning 

Climate control has improved my home

The gene for hoarding must run rampant in my family. Both my grandmother and mother are hoarders, and they’ve apparently passed that trait along. I can’t remember a time in my life that I wasn’t getting involved in collecting things, and my collection has continued to expand exponentially since I’ve become an adult. While my grandma and mom have large houses they’re able to store all their stuff inside, I’m confined to a one bedroom apartment that my man and I share. My sweetheart, as opposed to me, is a neat freak and doesn’t like a great deal of clutter in our space. Due to this, I’ve had to face the reality that I’ll have to put a number my precious things in storage. I’ve started looking to purchase a storage unit in my region, so that I can still have close the means to access my extra things. While doing research on self storage, I learned that some units have a means of climate control, while others don’t. Renting a storage unit without climate control would probably be fine if I lived anywhere with mild weather, but I have a home in the south where heat and humidity take a toll on everything. I tend to be extremely careful with the things I’ve collected, so I would hate to see them damaged by the heat. When I rent a storage unit, I definitely need it to be climate controlled. By way of an air conditioned storage equipment, I will never have to worry about whether or not my precious things are safely preserved.


Air conditioning works so well

Yearly, my husband likes to vacation in the mountains. As kids, his family always went on big camping trips, and he loves visiting the same hiking trails that he experienced when he was a child. He loves staying in a cabin, and looks forward to it all year. My husband has always had a love affair with the great outdoors. I love being outdoors, but I hate being in a cabin that doesn’t have exactly the same amenities that a house would likely have. The cabin that we vacation at during our mountain trips comes with plumbing and electricity, but there is no air conditioning. When camping during the wintertime, the cabin includes a wood burning fireplace, but there is not any existing HVAC system for the summer months. During our last trip, I had to venture to the local market and purchase several box fans to help eliminate some of the heat! My husband isn’t as bothered by hot temperatures when I am, so he thinks that keeping windows open in the daytime is enough of a retreat from the heat and humidity. Even with the box fans, I was uncomfortable. The temperatures got so high in the day and without air conditioning, I ended up being constantly overheated. I know my hubby truly loves being in the mountains, and staying in that cabin is extremely important to him, so I don’t complain. This summer, I am going to bring a small air conditioner for us, so I can put it in our bedroom window. Having an air conditioner will definitely keep me happy, and maybe I can finally learn how to enjoy life in a cabin.

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Cool and refreshing air is great

Weekends often mean just two more days of work. This is especially true for mothers. It seems like the old saying that a mother’s work is never done. This weekend was an unusually work-filled one for me. We recently had a large storm roll through our area, so that meant I had a lot of outside work to do on top of my regular inside work. First off, I needed to wash my car. I normally go on the automatic car wash but not this time. I went out into heat of the day with detergent and a bucket. It was so hot outside that almost passed out! Walking back inside to feel the air conditioning was wonderful. I don’t know how people spend all their time outdoors in the heat. Without HVAC to save me, I sometimes feel quite sick. So then, I had to rake up my yard. There was a huge amount of debris all over after the storm. I worked for about an hour but then, once again, I needed a water break and air conditioning. I opened the front door and felt the cool breeze of air conditioned air from the HVAC unit and felt relieved. If it were up to me personally, I’d never work outside. I may be spoiled but I just love my air conditioning. It allows me to complete my tasks indoors and helps break the heat after a few hours working outside under the hot sun.


Make sure your plumbing is nice and clean

I can never forget growing up with every single one of my sisters. We’d always enjoy ourselves and have the greatest time. Living with my sisters was basically living with a best friend. There were times where we would have our good and the bad but we knew that we were family and we may never hold a grudge. Being around 3 other girls, my parents had a lot to do. They always provided us with the things which we needed. When it ended on maintaining the house we had to chip in. With 7 people living in the house and our 3 dogs there was a respectable amount of cleaning to be done. On the weekends it was mandatory that we do at least one hour of cleaning. The cleaning would be broken up in groups involving my sisters and I. We would do many techniques from cleaning the bathrooms to your garage. When my oldest sister and I were cleaning the bathroom there was certain things that needed to be done. This involved emptying the drain covers within the kitchen and bathroom sinks as well as the drain cover from the shower and bath. The drain covers prevented any sort of hair or other remnants from going down into the drain and clogging this up. Before we had the empty covers in we always wanted to call our local plumbers to help us un plug the drain. The drain may be clogged with hair, food, and many other things that should not have been down the drain. Our family gave our plumber top notch business but our family didn’t like almost every month spending cash on a plumber to unplug these drains.

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Changing out the air filters

My parents are growing older and while they’re still sharp and busy, they sometimes forget to maintain things around the home. They head south for the second half of winter following the holidays, so I understand that it’s easy to forget a few things between their two residences. Recently I stopped by for a visit and they told me they were having issues with the home furnace. Their furnace wasn’t old at all, so I was wondering what the problem could be. I asked when the last time a HVAC technician came over to inspect the furnace but they couldn’t recall, a few years minimum. Evidently they must have thought because they only rely on the furnace for half the winter that they could go awhile without having it looked at by a HVAC professional. Before we called their heating provider, I decided to look over their furnace myself. I own a gas furnace and frequently look it over between HVAC visits. My suspicions were spot on, they had an extremely clogged furnace filter. If not changed regularly, filters build up with dirt and debris, sometimes causing the heat exchanger to overheat and stop blowing into the home. Not changing your furnace filters causes your unit to work harder and can put unnecessary stress on it. I changed the filter for my parents and sure enough it started to work efficiently again. Thankfully it wasn’t too cold outside and I was around to lend them a hand. My parents promised to have their furnace inspected before winter every year to ensure that issues like this don’t happen again.indoor-comfort

Smooth running air conditioning

I always tried to stay physically active all throughout school. Being involved in high school sports kept me busy enough, and best of all out of trouble.  I made a great deal of friends playing sports. I ran cross-country in the fall, played volleyball in the winter, and participated in track in the spring. I loved running cross-country, but running track was challenging. Most cross country meets were held at state parks, so I got to run through trails and even on lakefront beaches. Track though was just running around in a circle by the same mundane landscape. I also had a lot of trouble with the spring weather. Winter lasted pretty long where I was from, but as soon as spring came, the temperatures switched drastically. Sometimes I would have to run outside in temperatures near 90. As soon as I finished running, I was very overheated and so sweaty that I needed air conditioning as quickly as possible. I can remember getting in my mom’s car and immediately switching the air conditioning on high. As soon as we came home, I usually laid on the couch in front of the air conditioner for at least one hour. The cool air from the air conditioning was a great way to relax after running outside all day. Thankfully, my parents always knew to turn the air conditioning on before my track meets. That way, by the time we got home, the house was cool from the air conditioning and my body could recover after being so overheated. Even though track was not been my favorite high school sport, knowing that I would have air conditioning to return home to definitely made me run a little faster.

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Ways to clean your ducts

My fiance and I purchased a small outdoor shed for our backyard. We have been needing a small amount of extra outdoor space, so this addition we felt would be perfect. The shed has a bunch of loft space, a few windows and a small front porch. It’s quaint actually, and we are excited to make use of it. I think we will utilize it as our game room. We are going to put the poker table inside and use the shed also as our smoking room. The biggest problem is going to be in the summer months because it gets to be unbearably hot and humid outside. I called an electrician to install the shed to it’s own power pole out back. Once we have the power pole put in, we are going to get a ductless mini split system installed. This is an HVAC system where one component is indoors and component is outdoors. It does not require any air ducts in the walls or ceiling, so it’s pretty straightforward and effortless to install. The HVAC contractor said it wouldn’t take any longer than a day to install the new system. I’m very excited to host our first poker tournament inside the new shed. We have been playing poker in the garage for the past five years, but we have never had any kind of air conditioning in there.  In the summer, it felt like an oven. It will be nice to playing cards and remain comfortable in our new environment. I just hope our new hangout spot doesn’t raise my utility bills too much.

air duct sealing 

Working on my heat pump

I’ve had an old central HVAC system in my home and recently it kicked the bucket,so I’ve been researching other heating and cooling methods for my home. I have been fascinated by the concept of ground source heating pumps (GSHP). Ground source heat pumps use the temperature of the ground to transfer heat into the home. It also cools during the summer months, extracting the cool temperatures from the ground and transferring them inside. I like the idea of GSHP depending on the ground, because earth is a natural, renewable resource, and I care about both my utility costs and the environment. Because the outdoor heat exchanger is underground, not exposed like other heat pump systems, there is little maintenance required. Closed loop, ground loop systems also last significantly longer than other types of air pumps, upwards of 50 years if installed properly. If paired with solar heating instruments, these heating systems can be extremely efficient. As a homeowner, I plan to be in my house for the long term, and want a system that will keep me comfortable for a long time, without breaking my bank account. Initial installation costs are high for ground source heat pumps but from what I’ve read those costs are made up in the first 10 years. Also, unlike other heat and air conditioning systems, GSHP are extremely quiet. I sometimes work from home so it’s important my house isn’t busy or full of noise. I have a bit of research left to do, but I believe a ground source heat pump is perfect for my home. I can’t wait to talk with a local HVAC provider.hvac-tune-up

Easy tips to help update your HVAC equipment

The last year I have been in the process of building my first home. The project is nearing completion and I have been looking into efficient HVAC systems for my new dwelling. I have been researching radiant heating methods, specifically heated flooring for my winter weather needs. Heated flooring installation costs more at first, but can pay off over time. It’s best to install when building a new home or doing a massive renovation, perfect for my current predicament. Heated flooring retains heat better than other types of HVAC systems, making it more energy efficient. I am always conscious of my spending so I am confident this heating system will pay off down the road. Unlike forced air systems where heat tends to rise, heated flooring keeps the heat closer to the floor, keeping the house a more consistent temperature. Another perk I’ve read about is how quiet and noiseless these heating systems can be, opposed to central HVAC units and gas furnaces. I am also an allergy sufferer, and forced air systems can blow around allergens and other types of pollution, triggering my symptoms. With radiant heating, you don’t have to depend on ducts so allergens are not pushed around the living areas. I am convinced heated flooring is the right option for my new home, it has the ability to keep me safe, comfortable, while also saving me money on utility bills. When you live in an environment that has bad winters, being comfortable and warm makes a house a home. I can’t wait to take the next step and have a HVAC business install my heated flooring.

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