These temperatures are very high

My mom is a doctor, this means she handles a lot of medication. It is nice, because she always knows exactly what to tell us or give us when we are sick, which always made our recovery time a lot faster than that of our friends. Because she handles so much medication, we have to have a good HVAC system in the house to regulate the temperature of the meds. If they are stored at an improper temperature, they can go bad and not be effective. Thankfully, my mom knows exactly how to store them and how to regulate the temperature. A lot of them cannot be stored at a high temperature, which is difficult in the summer. We have a great air conditioning system, one that allows you to change the temperature of each room, so this is what she does in the bathroom where the medicine cabinets are. The bathroom is always colder due to a constant blast of air conditioning during the summer months. During the summer, I actually do not even like to use that bathroom, because the air conditioning just makes it too cold to be in for me. However, in the winter, the heat makes it  much more comfortable. While the heat is not on very high, it is of course warmer than the outdoors, so I do not mind that much! That room always is colder than the rest of the house due to more air conditioning in the summer and less heat in the winter. I am glad she knows what she is doing!

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Indoor sports arena

I play indoor football when it’s the season of winter. I prefer indoor football way more than outdoor football. This is very strange, because most people like it the other way. I’m not sure why I feel this way. I guess it’s because the game moves a lot quicker. The field is way smaller plus there are less people needed. I’m the quarterback, so I get hit a lot. However, the fact that I’m the team quarterback means that I have to wear extra protection. I wear padding with long sleeves plus gloves. Even with the best a/c system, I can get overheated during a game. Where I play football, there isn’t a good a/c system. It’s always way too hot inside. This means that I’m pretty uncomfortable during the whole football game. This gets me wondering about why I prefer indoor football compared to outdoor. I wish that there was a better Heating and A/C system with more powerful a/c. When I play at other gyms, I don’t feel near as hot as I do in mine. When you’re running around in padding all game, it starts to feel like you’re playing within a furnace. I’m not entirely sure how we all manage to run around in the heat. By the end of a game, we’re all dripping in sweat plus red all over. I just wish that we could get a better cooling system installed inside.

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I have always loved playing soccer

I play indoor field hockey during the winter months. I would much rather play indoor field hockey compared to outdoor field hockey. Most people would tell you this is strange, because it’s usually the other way around. I’m not sure why I like it better. I think it’s because the ball can move faster indoors, plus there are way less players on the field. I play the midfield, so I am constantly running around on the field. Playing field hockey means that I have to wear shin guards plus wear gloves. This protects me from coming in contact with a stick or ball. Even with some good AC, it still gets pretty hot within this equipment. Well, where I play field hockey, there is barely any a/c. It’s always way too hot inside the gym. This means that I’m pretty uncomfortable throughout the duration of the game. I’m not sure why I still prefer to play field hockey indoors rather than outdoors. I undoubtedly wish that there was a better Heating and A/C plan with some powerful air conditioning. When I’ve travelled to other gyms, I’ve never been as uncomfortable as I am in mine! I don’t know how my teammates and I run around in the heat so much. At least our goalie doesn’t have to run around with all her gear on. By the end of the game, our faces are beat red plus we’re covered in sweat. I just wish that we could get some better AC!

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HVAC ducts when painting

I have been an artist almost all of my whole life. People don’t understand where my talent came from, since my parents are not artistically inclined. I never received any formal instruction as a child plus my interest came up well before I had ever attended an art class in high school. I suppose it was something about that way that those paints reflected light plus practically pierced the eyes with joy plus happiness. It is possible that  it is just as simple as needing a good outlet. Aside from that , now that I have become an outdated man, I now own my own apartment plus an entire office is dedicated to painting activities! Not long ago, I seriously completed it, by maximizing the comfort level in that room. My Heating and Air Conditioning system received an overhaul you know, so now I am really able to get lost in the comfort as well as the relaxation. The old temperature control system was too basic plus, eventually, it started to get drastic problems. The heating plus cooling service contractor who investigated it chose that it was beyond fixing. So the Heating and Air Conditioning system had to be upgraded. The one thing that remained in wonderful shape was the air vents. With the assistance of my siblings, who have been lifelong mechanics with things, the people I live with and I completed the Heating and Air Conditioning repair all on our lonesome. The one real professional help that the people I live with and I received was from the technician from the HVAC supplier here in my city. She helped us pick the best deal on a necessary heating plus cooling unit. Once the people I live with and I purchased and ordered it, the people I live with and I researched up on Heating and Air Conditioning DIY methods. Now I am painting in professional style plus comfort.

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Electric heater system was hard to leave

Over the last 6  years, I have been completing a long-term experiment of self-sufficiency plus low energy use. My friend gave me the idea when he came over to my farm plus commented on how good it was that I was living such an outdated life. Except that my residence was packed with modern appliances. That is when I decided to give a go a stripped down, more selfless way of residing. I started to construct a little log home out in the field. When it was finished, I moved all of my necessary belongings into it. I waved goodbye to my old, frivolous lifestyle. In the beginning, it was more difficult than I hoped. I longed for climate control like crazy. I feel I have never noticed how I had been constantly in plus out of numerous kinds of Heating and Air Conditioning equipped settings. Even the tractor has a tiny electric fan plus a oil furnace built in. Now that I was trying to live without the all those frivolous comforts. My oil furnace was totally the very hardest thing to do without. When winter came, all I possessed was the small fireplace in the living room of my home. It is reasonable, yeah, but compared to what the oil furnace threw out back home, it had been hard to not run back to that comfort of luxurious Heating and Air Conditioning technology. Nonetheless, I have been trying to stick with it. I’m basically used to temperature control on a more selfless level.


Even north needs cooling

I like living in the northern half of the country. The weather can be beautiful at any time. The summer is probably my favorite season of all, because I love being outside. It’s very warm during the day, but not exhaustingly humid. My friends and I often take our kayaks down to the big river, and spend a lot of time on the water. The air flow feels so wonderful, that we don’t really need the air conditioning. As soon as sun goes down, the entire atmosphere cools off. It could be 85 in the middle of day, but sink to 60 degrees and cool off immensely after dark. It really keeps us from  relying on our home A/C systems. It’s usually so breezy and cool at night, that we open the windows and completely shut off the A/C. I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else in the whole country. I went down south last summer, to stay with my grandparents for a while. It was miserable and humid the whole day, and the nights were worse. It was still sweltering at eight o’clock at nighttime. There was no break in the A/C operating, because it was impossible to get any meaningful sleep without it. Even on the days when it was rainy and dreary, it was still hot outside. I loved having all of that time with my grandparents, but I wouldn’t go back to that state again. I don’t know how they manage to endure in those humid conditions. I guess that’s the reason why they have such a very much more elaborate cooling system set up in their home.

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Mold in our bathroom

Our first summer in our new home was just sweltering. The air conditioner was flat out just too small for our home, and it barely kept the house cool. In the summer, the thermostat never managed to reach the specified temperature. Even with the thermostat placed to a quite mild 73 degrees, it was almost always close to the low eighties in the house. It was dismal, and there wasn’t a way to keep the house cooled down. We contacted the local HVAC designer and installer, who adjusted our blower motor speed. Even with that done, the air conditioner could barely match the heat and humidity we had to deal with. My wife and I decided to take into consideration a few ways that we could have this problem fixed. Our local HVAC contractor suggested that him and I add a portable A/C unit to the back of the house, or to put in a new dehumidifier onto the HVAC system that was already there. These were drastically different options, but they both required something extra to help fix the problem. The two of us chose to add a dehumidifier to this heating and cooling system. It was a pricey undertaking, but it improved our air quality. It wasn’t expensive to operate, but it made a huge difference in our air. The air was more frosty, and smelled cleaner as well. The indoor air temperature lowered some degrees, and we were all feeling more desirable. We even upgraded our thermostat, so we could control the settings of the dehumidifier. We can easily set the percentage of humidity in your, to whatever we feel like that day.


This is the climate control you want

I play indoor soccer when the weather is cold outside. When I think about it, I prefer to play indoor soccer rather than outdoor soccer. Most people find this strange, because they are the exact opposite. I like it better because things are more fast paced because the field is much smaller. There’s also less people needed on the field. My position is the goalie, so I get a lot more shots to block when I play on a small indoor soccer field. However, the fact that I defend the goal means that I’m forced to wear long sleeves, which avoids burn. I also wear goalie gloves to protect my hands. So, even with a good AC system, I tend to get overheated in all that equipment. The indoor field I play at doesn’t have the best AC system though. It’s always way too hot inside. This means that I’m uncomfortable throughout the whole game, which also makes me wonder why I would pick indoor soccer over outdoor soccer. I wish the indoor field had a better Heating, Ventilation plus A/C unit with powerful a/c. At the other gyms I’ve played at, I’ve never been as uncomfortably warm as I am in mine! I don’t know how my teammates run around so much within the heat. It begins to feel like we’re competing inside a furnace. I’m thankful that I don’t have to do much running. At the end of our games, everyone’s faces are flushed plus we’re drenched in sweat. I just wish everyone could get a little AC. air conditioner repair

Cabin with superior HVAC equipment

    My fiance and I are living in a small vacation cabin on his parents land. We are saving up to buy our own house, and I am deciding on graduate schools. The cabin is actually very useful for us, since it has allowed us to lower our expenses, and relax, while getting ready for our next big life move. We are excited to be soon spending our lives together, however , we do have one problem about our current living situation. There is no HVAC system in the cabin, and it can get pretty uncomfortable there, from time to time. We live in a warm region of the country, and we are both used to the ability to adjust the thermostat, and run the air conditioner, whenever we please. So, even though we are saving money, we are ready to move from the cabin as soon as possible. It is so hot some days, that we considered buying some sort of portable air conditioner to use in the meantime. A friend of ours, told us that ductless mini split air conditioners are good options for spaces like the cabin. They are quiet, don’t use a ton of electricity, and they are pretty powerful. One of these systems would cool our cabin without any problem. Although we would like to purchase one, we know that we could really use that money to move, when the time comes. I think that we are going to try to endure the heat for as long as possible, and hope that we could make our move, in the following couple of months. Our next place, will have a good HVAC system. It’s a real necessity, in my book.

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Winter tent and heating

    When I was a kid, I liked to set up a tent in the backyard of my parents property and pretend that I was camping deep in the woods. I would invite my friends over, then we would create a bonfire in the yard, and we would cook hotdogs over the bonfire. I probably did this at least once a month. During the chilly months, I had to find ways to stay warm at night. I remember complaining to my mom that we were cold. She got us a space heater from the storage closet and hooked it to a long extension cord. The heater reached all the way out to our tent, and it felt as warm as if we had been sleeping in the house. Because we had the heating unit, my friends and I had the ability to camp in my backyard, just about all winter. There were times when my friends joked that we weren’t really camping, but they enjoyed it nonetheless. I believe these adventures sparked a sense of adventure in me, since I continued to camp afterwards in my life. I now take trips from coast to coast to spend time outdoors. There are times when I am out in the cold and wish that my mom could bring out a space heater for me to keep in my tent. It doesn’t matter how many layers I have on or which kind of sleeping bag I am using, nothing compares to sleeping in environment controlled areas. I guess that’s just a discomfort that has to be dealt with if I want to keep taking camping and hiking trips during the cold months.

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