Being Broke Is Uncomfortable

I do not have a lot of money, I only have just enough to get by. It is not easy living from paycheck to paycheck but it is something that I have gotten used to. For years now I have been learning how to live on my own and make my own means. Growing up I lived in a middle class home with my large family. I have since moved out on my own, but I do not have all the luxuries I had when I lived with my parents. For instance, they had an HVAC system. It was nothing fancy, but it had a furnace that kept us warm in the winter and dial thermostat to help us set the temperature. In my current home, I have no HVAC system whatsoever. I have a fireplace to make sure I do not freeze in the winter, but it does involve a lot of work. To keep the fireplace running I have to cut down the tree, chop up the wood, stack it outside my home, and bring it inside to put in the fire. Not to mention that starting a fire is not simple! If I could have my way and it was a perfect world, I would have a big and beautiful home with a large, top of the line HVAC system. It would not only have a furnace, but also an air conditioner to keep me cool in the warmer months. That is my dream, however unattainable it sounds. I hope that someday I can live more comfortably like when I was a child. Until then, I will just have to continue working, saving up, hoping for the best, and of course visiting my parents and their HVAC system!  

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Pets All Alone

I have no family members and I live alone. Unless, you consider pets as a part of the family. In that case, I am a part of a big happy family! I have a total of 8 pets; 5 cats and 3 dogs. I love each and every one of them so much, I do not know what I would do without them. Some people may call me crazy but I would rather have animals living with me than humans. They are easier to deal with and love you unconditionally. Because of this I take every opportunity to make sure my animals are happy and healthy. One time I had a big scare, and I have taken every precaution since to make sure it does not happen again. I  decided one winter to take a week vacation to a warmer climate and escape the cold. I left my furnace on of course to make sure my animals were warm, but while I was away the furnace broke down! When I got home, the furnace had been off for a few days and my animals were all huddled together for body heat. I felt absolutely terrible and ordered a top of the line HVAC system right away. I trust that this HVAC system will not break down like the old one had, and I also invested in a mobile thermostat so I can check on temperatures while I am away in the event that the furnace stops working again. I hate leaving my family members alone, but now I feel a little bit better when I have to spend some time away.

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Power outage

A few weeks ago there were some terrible thunderstorms in my area, and a tree fell on the power line near my house. I was without power for several days, so I had to find ways to get by until the utility company was able to get the line fixed. I had to move all my food to coolers so that it wouldn’t spoil, and it was a real chore making sure that it didn’t get too warm.I was pretty miserable at times without an air conditioner. I never realized how much I used my HVAC system until I didn’t have it. It happened to be abnormally warm that week, so staying cool and comfortable was not easy. Having to rely on fans and just opening windows to keep the circulation going made me really miss my air conditioner. I have never been someone who considers himself to be overly dependent on technology and home appliances, but the power outage change that a bit. I now realize that I need an HVAC system in my home to stay comfortable, and without power, life becomes much more challenging. Luckily, the power was on again after a few days, and I was able to resume my normal life. Hopefully we won’t have to deal with any major storms again in the near future. I would really hate to have to go through another major power outage. Being able to adjust my thermostat and get the air conditioner running is one of the most comforting things now. I hope the bad weather stays away.

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Beach days

There is nothing like a nice relaxing day at the beach. I have been spending my weekends on the coast since I was a kid, and I couldn’t imagine living somewhere that was landlocked because of it. I’m a real beach rat, and every spare minute I have is spent there. I enjoy reading on the beach, surfing, and even riding my bike up and down the shoreline. After a long day at the beach, I am always eager to get back to my house so I can crank the air conditioner and cook a good meal. I use a lot of energy while I am at the beach, so I have to know that I am going to have a space where I can get the A/C running before I recharge. I can recall a couple of time when I came in from the beach to a house with a broken HVAC system. It was a huge inconvenience. All I wanted to do was kick back in the cool air, but it was impossible. I didn’t know the first thing about HVAC systems, so I was at the mercy of whenever the HVAC technician can make it out to my house to repair it. I would never reconsider moving somewhere that wasn’t so hot, but not having my A/C for a couple of days really made me appreciate it in the midst of all the hot weather. I waited for it to get fixed before I went back out to the beach. It was a long couple of days! I really hope that this doesn’t happen again in the future.


Family reunion cooling prep

I am very much looking forward to the big family reunion this year. I am hosting it, so it will be a lot of working and preparation to get ready for my big family, but I am very excited for it. There are seven sisters, three brothers, a handful of cousins, and then all of their individual families. At the last reunion there were a hundred of us, and this time should be just as big. They will all be staying in local hotels, but during the day we will all be at my sprawling country home. After the debacle at the last reunion, when my sister’s home HVAC system went out leaving all of us in 90 degree heat all day, I am taking it seriously. I already had a heating and cooling repair company send out a technician. She went over my entire central cooling system from top to bottom and wall to wall. I even had to crawl up into the attic to inspect all the air ducts that hadn’t been checked on in a few years. With so many people crammed into my house, and the doors being opened and closed all day, it will put particular strain on the HVAC equipment so I need it all in tip-top shape. Also, there is the matter of indoor air quality. No one will be allowed to smoke in my house, but there are some smokers who will already stink of smoke, so I need the air filters to keep my house filled with fresh, pure filtered air.

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Solar Farm Living Pro’s and Con’s

I live on a solar farm. That was not intentional in any way. I began to rent a house on a friend’s property where he had multiple rentals and by the course of a year he had completely gone solar. It wasn’t as bad as it sounds. It was pretty amazing to see all that he could accomplish with solar usage from cooking to actually heating and cooling devices. We even had solar powered showers! But, when the weather was not good and the sun went down fast, often we would run out of energy. In the kitchen we had a wood burning stove for heat. I was not the biggest fan of the fire building, I admit. It heated ok for the most part, but I run pretty cold all of the time. I secretly had a rolling portable electric heater that I often took from room to room to heat the space I was working in. I just couldn’t stand being cold and the stove just didn’t generate enough heat. In the summer months, I nearly died of the heat outside. The ceiling fans just weren’t going to cut it when it came to needing to cool down. I finally told him I was looking at moving. He was stunned that I was that connected to my HVAC unit, but he didn’t want to lose me either. So, he suggested I get one portable electric air conditioner for the window and use it sparingly. He finally understood that not everyone could be on board with his minimalist ways and needed an HVAC system to cover their heating and air conditioning needs.


Dream heater is hydronic heating

If I had the choice of any kind of furnace, I would most certainly purchase a hydronic heating system.  I would put in a boiler system which would not only handle the heating of our condo, but also warm our pool, supply snowmelt in our driveway, plus keep our water heater warm.  I would love to acquire radiant flooring throughout our condo.  I would happily get rid of all the carpeting that creates the ideal environment for dust bunnies to live.  There would be no chilly spots in our condo, due to the radiant flooring extends from wall to wall plus corner to corner.  There would be zero unpleasant temperature changes, because the heat rises legitimately slowly and creates more comfort.  And because the warmth is infused rather than blown in, there’s no abrupt gusts of warm air plus no influx of dust and other things.  I wouldn’t need to sacrifice expensive section to HVAC duct or deal with the service and energy losses coupled with forced air heating.  Instead, I would rely on an energy efficient, dependable, and long lasting boiler.  Typical boilers are attractively compact, easily silent, and tend to last for a truly long time.  Pretty often, the only reason a boiler needs to be changed out, is because the replacement parts are no longer used.  Boilers are extremely useful, providing convenient zone control, which helps to trim energy usage.   With separate control equipment in each room, the temperature is controlled independently, so there’s no need to heat an unused space.  And the control equipment in each room accommodates personal preference plus the recognizable demands at any given time.


This Summer I needed ac a bunch

This past summer, I experienced one of the hottest seasons on record, then the average un-even temperatures were much higher than they had been in past years, plus I could honestly tell that there was a huge change, but as someone who particularly enjoys being outside, I had a trying time finding a way to do that last year, i didn’t want to leave our lake house because I knew that our cooling system was the only thing assisting myself and others in keeping cool. I didn’t go on as many outdoor trips as I usually do, nor did I go camping. If not for our Heating, Ventilation as well as A/C system, I entirely would have been sweating all Summer. The high temperatures made myself and others realize how much we depend on a cooling system. I’m a lot more thoughtful about how I take care of our cooling plan now that I have this in mind. I believe that was the one benefit that came out of dealing with such a scorching hot Summer. I hope that this coming Summer is back to status quo. I can deal with a tiny bit of heat, plus I even sort of like it, however, temperatures that are in the upper 80s on a constant basis or not at all is no fun. I hope to be back outdoors where I can soak in some of the best parts of nature without wanting to run back to our cooling plan after just a couple of minutes. Having a wonderful cooling system is particularly a blessing, but I don’t want to have to depend on it as much this coming year. I want to be able to appreciate myself outside.

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Getting a fast HVAC repair

I do appreciate going to nice pizzerias here and there with my partner, just last week however, the two of us had somewhat of an interesting experience at this pricey pizzeria, it was a place that everyone had never honestly been to before and a couple of friends recommended it. My lady and I thought it would be nice to provide it a try. If every one of us enjoyed the place, every one of us would honestly be back. Then, when every one of us stepped into the place, it was way too warm, however we felt we could deal with it; After we were seated at our booth, I noticed that it kept getting warmer. I was curious what was going on, so I asked the waiter about the thermostat! He told me that unfortunately, the HVAC method had stopped working a few hours ago, however they had an HVAC specialist on his way to the pizzeria. It was honestly becoming rather awful, but even worse was I could tell that my partner was really hot. I couldn’t stand to see her feeling annoyed. I decided that every one of us could not wait for the HVAC specialist to arrive to fix the issue at the pizzeria. I spoke to the manager for a second about how they needed to keep on top of their HVAC method maintenance. He apologized to us and said our meal was on him, however it didn’t matter because we wouldn’t be eating there. We left and found a fast food spot with a really wonderful HVAC system. My honey and I didn’t usually eat a lot of fast food, however it was a nice little change eating a burger with some fries in a cool environment.

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HVAC money savings

For quite some time now, all I have heard is people tell me I need to purchase another Heating, Ventilation, and A/C system. Trust me, I have had this desire for a long time however it has been undoubtedly tough to save up enough money, and i can’t just get this valuable upgrade separate from having the respected funds to pay for it. I was talking to a fantastic friend about the radiant heated flooring a few weeks ago, he was describing how great it was and how much money he has saved with his Heating, Ventilation, and A/C system. I was undoubtedly shocked by the nice features and the money saving. It would be so great for me to be saving money on utilities, however I couldn’t do that until I could save enough money to purchase such a Heating, Ventilation, and A/C system, and when my friend discovered that money issue appeared to be the only thing holding me back from upgrading the Heating, Ventilation, and A/C, he told me something that I needed. He told me that they have undoubtedly satisfactory payment plans, and that the Heating, Ventilation, and A/C contractor would work with my financial capabilities. He said all I needed to do was talk to them about all the options. I decided that he was correct in this and decided I wouldn’t wait another moment. I asked him for the contact info of his Heating, Ventilation, and A/C dealer. I figured since he had such a fantastic experience with them, I could have the same amazing experience. I called them up and they had a Heating, Ventilation, and A/C specialist come out. I was able to install radiant heated flooring inside my house within the week. I was undoubtedly happy about the affordability of the payment plan, and I was saving a lot of money on my utilities! The best thing overall was how nice my condo has been ever since I made the upgrade.

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