Older folks need AC

I’d just recently bought a house a couple years ago. I had learned a lot of amazing things in the past, but one of the best things I’ve learned is that it is vital to keep up with your kitchen utilities. I learned this the hard way unfortunately. I neglected my oven and was forced to change it. This was a really expensive problem, so I started to take better care of them. One appliance that is vitally important to maintain, is your home’s HVAC system HVAC systems are usually terribly expensive to fix, and highly expensive to replace. The best method adopt, in my opinion, should be to hire a good HVAC technician in the future inspect your HVAC system at a minimum twice per year. You want to have it inspected right before the seasons make a major change, as these are the two most “extreme” changes in regard to temperature levels. If you don’t have a fully functioning air conditioner during the summer, you and your family will have to endure the heat of summer. A lack of air conditioner can also cause medical conditions in your elderly population. A furnace is equally important in the winter. Nobody likes to be able to freeze, especially when it may be avoided by simply maintaining the HVAC system regularly. My suggestion should be to ring your local HVAC online business today. Don’t procrastinate! HVAC system repairs can cost you hundreds of dollars, and may be easily avoided with simple HVAC system checkups. They will even show you some energy saving tips!

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A/C use for soap making

As I sit down to do my year end taxes, I must look back over the past 12 months. Business has been good for the most part but there was one occasion where I thought it could have all been over. I should begin by stating that I am a soap-maker. I still use my grandmother’s tried and true recipe and sell bars of natural soap to customers at local shows.  I find the entire process of creating soap enthralling, from mixing the solution to molding to wrapping and selling the final product. Additionally, I am able to work from home in my soap studio which cuts down on overhead costs. My biggest expense for my business has got to be my HVAC system.  I had a separate unit installed in my studio and I have to keep it running year round to ensure that the heat and humidity are kept low. One day, in the middle of summer, my HVAC unit broke down and I was not aware of it. I was away at a show and when I returned, the tempature in the room was almost 85 degrees and the soap was beginning to melt.  I quickly opened the windows and plugged in fans to try and cool the room off.  My HVAC dealer sent someone over in just an hour which I was very grateful of.  The unit had shut down because the filter was almost completely clogged. If I hadn’t come home I would have lost hundreds of dollars in inventory and, being a small business, the can be critical. I am now careful to check the filter on a monthly basis. I never want to have a scare like that again.

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Cold while giving blood

I donate blood at a local collection site once a month. I feel that everyone should help out if they can and giving this critical gift helps many people.  Occasionally though, it takes an hour to finish up with the donation.  I lay on a couch with a needle in my arm and no way to move.  I don’t mind helping others but occasionally, I forget my jacket and I am lying there freezing because of the the HVAC vents in the room and I wonder what I’m doing.   I have been donating so long, I have a special pin for all the gallons of life- giving product that has come from me.  You would think that I would remember my jacket since I seem to always get the chair that sits directly under the vents so often. Each time I’m in this situation am  ecstatic when it is finally time for me to leave. The facility is equipped with an excellent HVAC system which is great, however, not for the people donating.  The rest of the building really comfortable because they are wearing normal clothes and not having a pint of blood taken from them, but if you’ve ever donated, you know that your body temperature drops each time that you do. The other reason for the cold temperature is to decrease the amount of bacteria that can be spread throughout the building. It wouldn’t do for people to donate blood only to have it contaminated.  I understand all these things but I think that they should at least provide us blankets or something during our donation time. Is what increase the amount of people who would be willing to donate too.  

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Amusement park heating and air conditioning system

My girlfriend at work was telling me about her summer vacation and how much they enjoyed going to a local park. Even though I’d grown up in the area I had never been there and will now definitely plan a trip for my own family next summer. She said that everything was great and they even had an awesome hotel with a wonderful HVAC system. The days were very hot and your kids spent most of them add the water park to get a break from the heat. They even had a lazy river that she and her husband could float down while the kids played on the water slides. If it was raining or they needed a break from the warm temperatures they could duck into any number of shows that we’re going on throughout the day because they were located in air conditioned theaters. She said that one of the biggest surprises to her was how much they thought about their visitors and making sure that they were comfortable no matter what time of day it was. The cafe where they went each day for lunch features not only a great menu but an awesome HVAC system to allow them to cool off for a bit. She even said she would try to eat slowly and enjoy it a little longer than her kids would have liked. They were always excited to head out and do some rides after spending all morning in the water park. The added bonus of having a hotel room right on site made it easy because they can always come and go as they please. When the sun went down in the temperatures dropped they would enjoy an outdoor light show and then head back to their hotel room for a comfortable night’s sleep. I am definitely going to have to put this on my summertime to do list for next year.

HVAC unit

Furnace work

    Last fall something in me said to call our local HVAC provider for a check up on our cooling and heating system, before the winter weather hit. We had been having very mild winters for the last few years. But, recently, we have had some crazy climatic conditions. All through the summer we were on a roller coaster of temperatures, and our thermostat didn’t know which path to take at times. We had a pretty serious heat wave, that felt like we had our air conditioning on for a few months, when actually, it was likely just one or two weeks. Once that passed by, we got some normal temperatures, and we didn’t finally end up needing the HVAC unit at all, we had the strangest cold spell on record for the summer season! We actually had to turn the heater on during July!  So, now I was thinking that this winter could get pretty bad for our town. After all, we hadn’t expected summertime temperatures to rise and fall the way they did to put some serious mileage on our HVAC unit. When they came out to get started on the vents, their first comment was that they could tell we had been using it a reasonable amount. In fact, it was so well used, that he had to change out the different air vent filters and strip the ductwork. I am really glad I called him out to get a service check now. They also tell you, that the amount of calls they get in the dead of winter is insane, and individuals are often left waiting for over a week, in the bitter cold, with no heat, before they can come to fix their HVAC equipment.

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The medics and HVAC

     I have been dealing with a mystery illness, for a few years now. I have been in and out of the hospital, more times than I can count. Mostly, I am having difficult problems with breathing. They can’t seem to identify what is causing the problem. I have been tested for various allergies and nothing has shown up. The one thing they do know, is that when I am in the hospital, my symptoms tend to be alleviated. We have processed this through and through, of no avail. Finally, it dawned on me, the non-medical professional, that when I am in processed air conditioning or heating, I breathe normally. Could that answer the problem? Was their actually contaminants, which don’t show up as allergies, which are what is causing me to struggle with my breathing? I was so tired of being in the hospital, we had to give it a try. I called the local HVAC retail outlet and asked how soon they could send a technician to my house, for a full heating and cooling assessment.. Once he walked in the house, I immediately started to feel validated. He found red flags for health issues, all throughout the house. He pointed out how run down the vents were and that the former owner never changed the air filters. The ductwork was also shot, and he suggested starting totally anew through an entirely new upgraded fresh air system. When it was eventually all in place, there wasn’t a breathing issue anymore.  I really learned a lesson on self-care that day, and also the importance of house care.

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Tears in my air filters

We had to contact an HVAC contractor this past weekend. We had a very strange occurrence, and I still can’t believe it. I changed out our air filter on Saturday morning, just like I do regularly each month. There was nothing strange happening with our HVAC system, and I had properly installed the air filter. A few hours after I had changed the air filter within our system, my wife and I started to hear a very odd sound from the unit. I thought the sound would vanish, but it was still there hours later. I opened the HVAC unit, to make sure I installed the air filter correctly. When I opened the environment filter housing area, all that was left was a cardboard rectangle shape. The air filter clearly was faulty, because the entire thing was sucked up inside the unit. I didn’t know what to do but call our local HVAC company. So I called an HVAC contractor, who came over to help us with the concern. Our HVAC contractor told us it was subsequently the strangest thing that he’d ever seen. The technician easily removed the parts of the air filter and then advised us to get hold of our air filter manufacturing company, because it seemed to be defective. When I contacted the air filter plant on Monday, they told me that those air filters were on recall. Our Hardware store should not of had them displayed at all, and they gave us the complete refund. They also sent us a full box of fresh air filters at no charge.

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Issues with the HVAC device

About seven years ago, my wife and I were married. We drove all night because we could only marry in certain states. We drove a good twelve hours, to end up at our nation’s capitol. We got married upon the steps to the capitol building, with tons of onlookers watching from the distance. It was a awesome day, full of laughter in addition to smiles. As soon as we said our vows, we left to find our hotel room. We stayed outside of the city, because the hotels were much too expensive in the city. We had made reservations at a local hotel, and it was not one of the several large chains. The desk staff was quite friendly, and they made us feel happy to be there. The hotel room, on the other hand, was more of a disaster. The room was extremely old and completely outdated. The carpet was about twenty years old, and the bathroom fixtures looked much older. I activated the HVAC system, hoping some air would ease the musty smell. I set the HVAC system to a very low cool setting. As soon as I heard the system kick on, we heard a loud zap noise. It sounded just like a spark, but we didn’t see any fire throughout the HVAC unit. I didn’t understand what it was so didn’t know what to tell the desk, so we just went about our day. The HVAC unit appeared to be in decent working condition, and that’s all that seemed to matter. We left from the hotel, to go out in search of some good food. By the time that we go back, there were fire trucks all over. Our HVAC unit had caused a small fire inside of our room.

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Our dinner messed up with HVAC

The holiday season is a wonderful time of year and I look forward to it very much. I get to see family and friends that I have not been able to visit for months and I get to try out some fantastic new recipes. I love having people over for supper and trying to really “wow” all of them with my culinary skills. It is late fall and a few weeks ago I decided to enjoy a small dinner party to experiment with some new creations I desired to make for Thanksgiving. I figured it was better to see that they were good before the big event arrived. I worked for hours on end, making sure the timing of everything was on point. Then I faced a major issue! About an hour before my guests were scheduled to arrive, my HVAC system quit working entirely. I checked all the fuses inside the basement and even tried turning the system on and off plenty of times to see if I could get it started. Nothing! I called the emergency HVAC number I had for repairs and they said it it would take about 3 hours before they could have a technician at the house. I had planned on having a beautiful roast beef with sizzling hot mashed potatoes and gravy. The temperature in my home plummeted so I had to change the menu to roast beef sandwiches & potato spud salad. There would have been absolutely no way to keep the meal hot once it was subsequently on the table. I was disappointed but my guests were actually quite satisfied with the meal nonetheless. By the time the technician arrived to my house, it was all the way down to 60 degrees and I was bundled up in a blanket with hot chocolate aiming to maintain warmth. He was able to fix it, thankfully and now I must do another trial run to provide the nicest dinner.

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Thermostat control in tropics

The majority of the older people in our community spend the winter months going down to the coastal spots down south. They just don’t care much for our cold snowy winters. I can’t really blame them as I would probably end up doing the same thing when I get old. I remember as a kid taking a trip to my grandparents one season and it was rather pleasant getting a break from shoveling snow although I was also glad when I arrived back at my home. It was my first time ever facing that type of atmosphere and I decided that the heat and humidity were not something that I liked much. I know living up in the north we are cooped up inside our dwellings for months on end since extreme temperatures cause us to stay in our climate controlled buildings. It is funny to listen to people who live in the south talk about how they can’t understand how we can manage living that way, without realizing that they do exactly the same thing. It is true that they’re able to venture outside without putting on many layers of clothing but in the south the heat can be so intense that they must stay in their air conditioned and climate controlled spaces to be comfortable. Instead of putting on layers of clothing to go outside they must apply layers of sunscreen and hope that it doesn’t sweat off. I will take the four seasons we experience up north over that tropical heat and humidity no matter what. Maybe I will feel differently as I grow older but for the moment I will stick to only having vacations during the summer like everybody else.

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