Getting my furnace serviced

I have always loved dogs, and especially puppies. A few days ago, I happened to pass by a sign by the road advertising free puppies for a good home. Of course, I just couldn’t help myself, and I wound up coming home with a new little addition to my family! He is such a great dog already, even though he is so young. I decided to put his bed next to the air vent, so that he could get as much warm air from the furnace as possible. Winter temperatures are getting colder and colder, and he hasn’t got a very thick coat of fur to keep him warm. He seems to really like the warm air coming from the furnace, and so far, he spends most of his time curled up and sleeping in his bed. Right now, the furnace is working fine, but I can’t help but worry about whether it will keep working through the winter. It’s been a long time since I had the furnace serviced by an HVAC technician, and now that I have a puppy at home, I feel like I have a responsibility to make sure that my home is safe on all levels. This definitely includes making sure that the thermostat and the furnace will be in working order once the temperatures drop below freezing. I don’t want my little puppy to have to suffer because I forgot to have the furnace serviced! Of course, some of my friends think I am nuts for scheduling HVAC maintenance just because of my puppy, but that’s fine with me. I have absolutely no problem spending a little extra cash to make sure that the furnace will work properly during the winter, for both of our sakes!  heating-and-air-system

Getting my heater ready

I always had dogs when I was growing up, so as an adult, I can’t help but love every single dog I see. I have always wanted a puppy, but never actually found the right time to get one. Luckily for me, a few days ago I wound up driving directly past a sign that said that there were free puppies available, so of course I pulled the car right over. A few minutes later, and I was carrying out a little puppy of my own! I was a little worried, but she seems to love being in my house, and rarely whines or yips. I decided to place her bed directly underneath the air vent, so that she could absorb as much warmth from the heating unit as possible. It can get really cold at nights, especially since winter is right around the corner. I want to make sure that my new puppy is as comfortable as possible! This actually got me thinking that it might be time to have an HVAC technician come to my house and inspect the heating unit. In all honesty, I haven’t had the heating unit looked at for years, and now that I am responsible for a puppy, I want to make sure that my home is as comfortable and as safe as possible. I called my HVAC company and asked for a heating and cooling technician to come and take a look over everything, just to ensure that the heating unit will be ready for the bitter winter temperatures. It might be silly to keep an HVAC system updated for a dog, but I don’t mind putting a little extra money towards making sure my new little best friend is happy and healthy!

gas heater 

HVAC affected event

My husband and I have three handsome and articulate sons. They are all teenagers, and they have a lot of different interests. It’s hard trying to divide our time amongst their various activities. One thing we are very lucky that they share, is the love of bmx racing. They love to go to the bike park on weekends, and hang out with their friends. Sometimes, their Dad and I will go and watch them play for awhile, but not very often since they have all become teenagers. Recently, a new indoor bmx bike and skateboarding park opened in the city close by. They had a large catered and sponsored event, and invited two dozen superior pros and amateurs, to skate with the kids during the open skating program. There was a lot taking place, so we decided to find a few seats and watch. While the kids were off freestyling, there was a loud bang, and then a crashing audio. After a few moments, there was smoke pouring from the ventilation system. We were all ushered outside the building, without knowing what happened to the HVAC system. Ten or twenty minutes later, the event advisor came outside, and told us there was a problem with the heating, Ventilation, and air conditioning system. The event would be delayed until they could fix the difficulties with the air conditioner. A couple of hours later, when the skate park doors opened, all of the pros were still there, looking ahead to the kids, waiting to sign autographs.  Our sons had a wonderful time at the event, and it was a great day!


We decided to get a new puppy

I don’t mind admitting that I have always been such a huge sucker for animals. I have always dreamt about having a cat or dog in my house, but I never found the right opportunity to get one. As luck would have it, a few weeks ago I ended up passing right by a sign outside of a farmhouse, saying that they had a few puppies for sale. I immediately stopped the car, and about twenty minutes later, I was carrying a little bundle of fluff back into my car! As soon as the puppy burst through the door, she made herself right at home, and plopped right next to the air vent. I decided that I should put her bed there, since she had already picked out her spot. I was also happy that the puppy would have constant access to the heat from the furnace, since she would be right next to the air vent for most of the day. I’ve actually been thinking a lot about how the puppy will deal with the harsh temperatures, and I think that I need to schedule an appointment with my HVAC provider. If I could have an HVAC technician come and inspect the furnace, I would feel much better about being able to deal with winter temperatures. I want to make sure that the furnace isn’t going to suddenly quit on me, especially now that I have a puppy in the house! It might sound a little ridiculous to schedule HVAC maintenance for the sole reason of keeping an animal comfortable, but I think that it makes perfect sense. I need to make sure that my family members are kept warm through the winter with a good heating unit!

air vent 

Hot in the summer with cooling

My life while in the summer season is charming, however it has become a predictable routine. During the early morning, my partner and I go outside and handle the yard work and pool cleaning chores. We have a beautiful inground pool that needs daily cleaning and chemicals. We also have several tropical flower gardens that need to be weeded, watered, and pruned. After we finish our morning routine of chores, we head into the house for some lunch in the air conditioning. After our typical lunch of egg salad or tuna salad sandwiches, we stay indoors and put our feet up. By lunchtime, it is already too hot to do anything productive, in the yard. The heat of summer season is stifling, and can easily reach into the triple digits on some days. The hottest times of the day, are after lunch, until the early evening. The morning heat is oppressive,, and that makes air conditioning a must. The humidity happening during the day is unbearable without AC. I enjoy the outdoors and the summer season temperatures, but I do not want to get overheated. Every day we enjoy our air conditioning. It runs so quietly, it’s as if the A/c is a stealthy ninja lurking around the corner. You know he is there, but you can’t see him. I don’t want to be bothered by a loud, obnoxious sounding air conditioner. I think our A/c runs so well, because we have it maintained yearly, by a professional HVAC service team member. Because of the official tune-ups, our air conditioning produces clean, cool air, even during the scorching summer days.


My new puppy

I am a sucker for puppies. When I was driving down the road the other day, I went past a puppies for sale sign. I couldn’t help but stop and find out some information. Before I knew it, I was going back a week later to bring home my new bundle of joy. He is the perfect dog and is behaving so well for being in a new environment. I gave him a new bed right next to the furnace to make sure that he is warm all night long. Winter is near and I can’t wait to see how he reacts to the cold snow on the ground. I am worried about him being in the cold at such a young age though. It may seem extreme but I am thinking about getting my HVAC system serviced to make sure everything is all set for me and the puppy this winter. I called the HVAC provider and they are sending over a technician sometime within the next week. It is better to be prepared rather than panicking if something were to go wrong with my furnace in the winter. My friends think that I am overreacting by having the heating system cleaned out just for the sake of the dog. It is like I have a child and need to provide him with the best heating and living situation possible. He is new to my home and I think it is important to keep the thermostat set at a comfortable temperature to keep him toasty warm. So, if I have to spend a ton of money on replacing or cleaning my HVAC system to keep my new puppy healthy, I will do so.

Summer day and cooling

Life during the summertime is beautiful, however it has become a particularly predictable routine. During the mornings, the wife and I do some stuff around the yard. We have several plants and flowers that need daily attention and water. It’s something my wife and I truly enjoy spending our time doing. We love our lush tropical garden. We also use the mornings to skim the pool for leaves and dirt, and add any chemicals that is necessary to clean the pool. After we finish our outside chores, we go in the house and make lunch. After lunch, we stay indoors plus relax, because by noontime, it is now too sizzling to do anything outside of the home. The heat of summer reaches into the upper 90s every single day. The afternoon heat means air conditioner is a necessity. The heat of the afternoon is unbearable without AC. I need air conditioning, because I cannot allow myself to get overheated. During the afternoons, weI enjoy the the air conditioner. It runs so quietly and without noise, which is a great thing because a loud air conditioner program is a disastrous nuisance. The air conditioner at our condo consistently   blows the perfect amount cool, crisp, clean air. I attribute the great A/C, to the fact that we do all the routine repairs and maintenance necessary. We have the Heating, Ventilation, and  A/C service team come out every winter and every summer, to check the system for issue ro problems. These check-ups are vital to our Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C systems well being.

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Getting a free air conditioner

I religiously watch the news on television. I almost have an obsession with needing to know everything that is going on in the world, especially in the towns around me. Most of the news I watch is terrible news, though every now and again I get to see something good… like last year a new baby panda was born at the city zoo. A lot of the news seems to be information that repeats itself over and over. A store getting robbed but the criminal not being caught; Politicians lying constantly to get out of trouble. A fire at a restaurant. Last night though there was something new. An accident happened along the highway with a semi truck carrying air conditioners; The back of the truck just opened up and the driver did not realize it. While the door was open, air conditioners were pouring out onto the highway. As if air conditioners all over the highway was not terrible enough, people weren’t paying any attention to the road and crashed into these air conditioners. There were about fifteen differing incidents where people crashed their vehicles into the air conditioners. I never would have thought about an incident on the highway like this involving air conditioners. There were tons of people stopping their cars and walking out onto the highway to try and take a free air conditioner if they could find an air conditioner that wasn’t disfigured. People running onto the highway to pick up the air conditioners posed a threat to those walking since the drivers were having to swerve around them. In a way I wish that I could have been right there with them to get a free air conditioner or several myself.

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Hot in the afternoon

Summer weather can be very warm and lovely, but my hubby and I have our own summer routine. During the morning hours, we work on the yard. We weed the garden, water the plants, and tidy up any parts that have been ignored. We also clean the pool, skim for leaves, and add any chemicals that are due. Afterwards, we make lunch, eat, and then take an afternoon nap in the cool air conditioning. We try to stay indoors during the afternoon since it is always the hottest part of the day. The day heat means air conditioning is a necessity. The heat plus humidity of the morning is unbearable without any AC. Every single day in the summer, we enjoy the the air conditioning. It runs so silently, that you can hardly tell when it is on. That is a unbelievable thing, because a loud cooling system is a terrible nuisance. The air conditioning at my beach house always blows just the exact amount of air I require. The air is clean, odor free, and comfortable. I attribute this to the fact, that we have the HVAC system maintained by our service repair team. They come out twice per year, to check the HVAC system, and spot any troubles or issues that might happen in the future.  These check-ups are vital to our Heating plus Air Conditioning systems well being, and it has significantly lowered our monthly energy bills. . Because of the usual tune-ups, our air conditioning produces clean, cool air and the temperature is always guaranteed, even on the hottest of summer days.  

central air conditioning

I always watch the news

I always watch the news. I have an obsession with having to know what is going on in the world, especially in the part near me. Most of the news I see is usually terrible news, though every now and then I get to see something good. Like just yesterday a baby panda was born at the local zoo. A lot of the news seems to be various things that repeat themselves. A store getting burglarized without the criminal being caught; Politicians lying and stealing their way out of trouble. A fire nearby at a church. Last night there was something different. A major accident happened on the highway with a semi truck carrying a/c units, then the back of the truck opened up but the driver did not realize it, so then while the door was open, a/c units were spilling out onto the highway. They were everywhere. As if a/c units all over the highway was not just awful enough, people weren’t paying attention and they all crashed into these a/c units. There were about fifteen separate incidents where people crashed their cars into the a/c units. I never would have imagined an incident on the highway at all like this involving a/c units. There were also people stopping their cars. They were simply walking out onto the highway to try and get themselves a free a/c unit if they could find one that wasn’t ruined. People walking onto the highway to pick up the a/c units posed a threat to those who were driving and all the drivers needed to swerve around them. In a way, I almost wish that I was there to get a free unit or more than one for myself.

air conditioning repair