This air conditioner rules!

I enjoy going to the nail salon to acquire a pedicure and manicure. It can be a relaxing and enjoyable time. I like to have fun, professionally done nails. Mostly, I love the fussed-over feeling I get during along with my pedicure and manicure. I have a favorite salon that I use regularly. The last time I visited the salon it was a pretty warm day. When I arrived, the salon the doors were opened and there were clearly fans in the room. The doors being opened helped dissipate the smells of the salon chemicals but that was not the explanation for the doors being opened today. The doors were open due to the fact that the air conditioner was not working. The HVAC service was already there and working on fixing the AC. The nail tech laughed and said that the air conditioner had been working fine the night before but when they reached work that morning the AC was not working at all. The HVAC company arrived on the scene about 45 minutes after the owners called them. They had found the challenge quickly. They were working hard to switch the parts in the air conditioner system. There was a lot of clanking and banging as they labored on the huge HVAC unit. With no air conditioner working, it was very warm while I got my pedicure done. Thankfully, the fans moved the air around to at least move the warm air around. By the time my pedicure was finished, the air conditioner came once again on. It was perfect timing. As I got my manicure, there was cold air flowing freely from the vents. The doors were closed and the fans were off. It is times like that when I am most grateful with the air conditioner.indoor-comfort

I just need HVAC problems right now

The year of 2016 is a major election year for the country. I have followed the election somewhat. Today is election day and I am torn between watching the news and ignoring it. I have gone between watching it on the television and ignoring it. Then, I saw a major distraction. Our air conditioner quit running and it started getting really warm inside of our house. Unfortunately, I had to get up and try figure out what the problem was. Sadly, there was nothing I could possibly do. Our HVAC system was dead. Nothing I tried made the heater or the air conditioner go back on. It was too late to be able to call the HVAC service right now so I will call in the morning. Thankfully it is supposed to be cool tonight so it may not matter that the air conditioner does not work. Tomorrow when the temperature rises back to 80 degrees I’ll be wishing my air conditioner was earning a living. I will be calling the HVAC service so as to come and fix the concern before it gets too hot. Right now our weather is right in between really needing the air conditioner and also heater. Our weather flits between the two this time of year from hot to cold really quickly this year or so we need our heating unit and air conditioner to both work so we can be really comfortable. Election day is stressful enough for individuals all this year without using a broken heating and cooling system going without running shoes.

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Zone Control Heating in a Household

If you have every lived with central heating and cooling you know that systems using thermostats can be quite frustrating. So I would recommend upgrading to zone control heating and cooling, for those of you who don’t know what that entails I’ll explain. The zone control heating system is much the same as any regular central HVAC system with one alteration, the thermostat. In the zone control system the thermostat(s) control one room’s temperature instead of having a central thermostat for the entire house. Now this may seem to be unnecessary, but it actually makes for a much more cost effective system. The high traffic rooms will be kept at the correct temperatures while the rooms that are not often occupied will be kept at a lower temperature, to save energy. So this in turn will keep you happy and at the same time it will save you money. This is also perfect for a household with multiple occupants because each person could have their room set to a specific temperature to suit their personal preferences. Often times these system are also paired with smart thermostats. These smart thermostats contain artificial intelligence and machine learning. So over time your thermostat will actually develop knowledge on your HVAC habits and adjust it automatically for you. A lot of these smart thermostats can even be paired with smartphones, allowing you to make adjustments on the fly. All and all the zone control HVAC system saves money and provides a more consistent environment.

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Camping in the cold winter season with no heater

Some of my fondest childhood memories are from being a kid and camping with my family during the winter. It was one of our favorite traditions. Over the school break, we would all get together and drive into the mountains. We stayed in a cottage for one or two weeks each winter. The cottage came with a large fireplace, and my dad was constantly throwing logs of wood into it to keep the entire cottage toasty and warm. I would stay up way past my bedtime and sit by the fireplace, relaxing and sipping hot chocolate. Last winter season, I decided that it was time to revisit those days, and I rented a small cottage for a brief winter camping vacation. My husband and I could only get a couple days off of work, but we were thankful for any bit of vacation we could get! When we opened the cottage door, I was immediately saddened to see that there wasn’t a fireplace. I was planning on spending my time reading by the fireplace, just like when I was little! It was so chilly that my husband immediately ran to the thermostat to make sure that the furnace could start warming up the cottage. Of course, the furnace wasn’t working. There weren’t any other cottages around, and we had already paid for the rental, so we decided to call for emergency HVAC service. I was so nervous about spending a night without heat, especially in the dead of winter! Luckily, the HVAC technician arrived shortly and was able to repair the furnace. It may not have been as lovely as the fireplace that I was dreaming about, but the furnace definitely did keep us warm and comfortable.  

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Essential to have a heater system

One of my number one vacation destinations is a cabin in the mountains.  I like to travel during the fall, because I enjoy the scenery.  I like when the trees change colors.  The mix of reds, orange and yellow is so beautiful. I look forward to escaping the sticky southern climate every year.  I head to the mountains because the air is cool and fresh, without any humidity, and it’s a great vacation. I need the break from the intense heat of a southern climate; Specifically, I travel to the heart of the mountains where there is a gentle breeze.  I have a place located along the peaks of the mountains and feel like I’m living nearly in the clouds. There is little need for an air conditioner for the majority of the year.  The homeowners probably just open their windows during spring and summer since the air temperature is mild. However, during the Winter months, it is definitely necessary to have a gas furnace. It is not possible to go without a furnace or get by with one that is broken,  because the winter temperature is severe. It would quickly become quite miserably without an effective heating system  I am sure they need to have a reliable HVAC technician they can call on to either perform a furnace upgrade or provide a furnace repair without delay. I suppose this presents a challenge when there’s a blizzard going on and the residence is located  deep in the mountains.  They need to be proactive.  To survive, they need to have more than a low-powered heater that can’t be counted on.  They need a full-blow gas furnace that is sure to operate throughout  the Winter season. I am sure that the local HVAC businesses do quite well in the fall providing maintenance.


I want to clean my HVAC system

I believe that possibly the best ways to have everything in your home cleaned and organized is to lease people to do the work that you need to meet your needs. If I was to clean my entire home and arrange it, it would take myself probably a long time. This past summer I hired a competent organizer to clean closets and install closet organizers for me. Now my home seems far more tidy and not as precisely messy as it once was since there is now designated places for most of my items. Not to mention I also hired someone to come and professionally vacuum and additionally shampoo my carpets all in my home. I possess 3 dogs, 2 cats and 3 kids so the house tends to get much more dirtier compared to the average home due to the amount of people and pets in it. Since there are lots of people in my home, and we do track in a great deal of dirt and other unwanted particles in my house, I have heard that there is a great service for an HVAC supplier who comes and cleans the ductwork within your house for you. It is essential to have this service executed. Some of the benefits tend to be, better health. It can get rid of the aggravants that trigger bad asthma and allergies, instantly improving the quality of air in one’s home. Plus while using the air quality and it becoming better, it should take less dusting. Overall cleaning the air duct system helps the HVAC system run well because it even benefits you financially, lowering heating and cooling costs.air-conditioner

Camping when it is really cold

When I was a child, my family held a long tradition of camping in the mountains during the Wintertime. My brother, sister, and my parents would all get into the car and head out to a mountain lodge, and we spent nearly a week there during our break from school. Our suite inside the lodge had a massive fireplace, and we were constantly begging my dad to put more wood on it. The fireplace kept the entire place so warm and comfortable, and it always looked so pretty. I would avoid going to sleep at night just so that I could curl up near the fireplace and watch the flames. A few months ago, I thought it would be nice to relive those memories by staying at the same lodge. My girlfriend and I rented a room for a couple days so that we could have a nice winter vacation. Once we finally got to our room, though, I was incredibly disappointed to see that the room did not come with a fireplace. I hadn’t thought to request a fireplace, since I thought that every room came with one! My girlfriend told me not to worry, and said that we should just focus on getting the furnace turned on. I made a few adjustments on the thermostat, but nothing was working. We couldn’t stay for the weekend without a working furnace! I immediately called the lodge management, and they sent over an HVAC technician right away. Thankfully, it didn’t take long to fix the furnace. I really missed having a fireplace to look at, but I was incredibly thankful to have heat from the furnace that weekend!  

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Mountain living with a heater

A favorite holiday destination of mine is the mountains.  I like to visit during the fall when the leaves on the trees have changed colors.  The scenery is full of  reds, yellows, and orange. There is such a relief in escaping the sticky southern heat by heading to the mountains where the air is typically crisp, without humidity.  That is the perfect  holiday.  Otherwise, I tend to get worn down by the horrible heat of a southern climate.  I just head to the heart of the mountains and take advantage of the breeze.  I rent a place along the summit of the mountains where I am nearly in the clouds. There is no need for an air conditioning system for most of the year. I would think that the residents can just open their windows for air during the fall and Springtime since they don’t rely on air conditioning. However, when I visit in the Wintertime, it is often necessary to have the furnace running. If the gas furnace is broken, it would be terribly cold inside the house very quickly.  It would be smart to hire an HVAC specialist to perform gas furnace upkeep.  With a gas furnace maintenance plan, the equipment is always working at its best. I suppose this is even more necessary when a home is located deep in the mountains, especially because of the snow! The people  in the mountains need to have their furnace ready for the winter season.  They have to rely on their heater, and need heating equipment that is energy efficient.  I bet the HVAC companies in that area do quite well in the months leading up to the winter.


Thanksgiving and my heat pump

This fall is so chilly. There’s been like four inches of snow inside of the two weeks of it being fall. The snowfall was a big wake up call to our state since everyone has not been prepared and neither are the snow plows. Due to the temperature as being much colder than normal, my house is actually not have been really able to adjust to the cold temperatures as quick. My children are coming over for Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow. There’s a lot of what I need to prepare for and even for their heart-warming arrival. Of course right while i was about to prep some meals I decided on go on and turn my heater on. I do have a heat pump which is among the most main sources of staying warm when I’m in my home. I went outside to see my heat pump. When I went around to it I saw that the whole unit looked like it had snow upon it. It was practically encased in ice plus it did not seem normal to me really. I decided to call my HVAC technician immediately. When the HVAC technician arrived he said it’s normal for a heat pump to ice up and look cold. However he said that with the amount of ice and the thickness from it, it was not normal to begin with. As it happens that the coils were blocked by the ice so there was no proper heat transfer between the refrigerant and the outside of the system. Luckily he was able to fix it within an hour so I could use my HVAC system immediately.

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The holidays can’t come quick enough

As a child, my entire family had a wintertime tradition of spending a few nights in a mountain cabin. Once the holidays were over, we would all get into the truck and head towards a small cabin that was tucked into the mountains. It was always a great way to relax and destress from the busy holiday season. My favorite thing about the cabin was that it came equipped with a really big fireplace. We brought tons of wood with us, and the fireplace kept the entire cabin warm and comfortable throughout our stay. Recently, I decided that it would be nice to revisit those memories, and I decided to rent a similar cabin for a weekend. My wife was a little wary, but I promised her that camping during the winter would be really fun. I also promised her that there would be a fireplace, so you can imagine my dismay when we walked in and realized that there was no fireplace at all! The temperatures had already dropped below freezing, so we needed to find a way to get heat, and fast. I tried adjusting the thermostat, but no matter what I did, the furnace would not kick on. I found a number for a local heating and cooling company, and asked for an emergency furnace repair. Luckily, the HVAC technician came to the cabin in under an hour, and the furnace was a quick fix. I was still really disappointed to not have a fireplace, but the furnace did keep us just as warm.

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