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I think everyone has seen that commercial where the man is resting at a desk and telling a woman at an insurance supplier that his air conditioning shut down.  She smiled nicely from the other side of the desk

and told him that he can’t be covered on his insurance policy unless zombies broke in and destroyed it. The air conditioning is usually not covered on most homeowners insurance policies.  Occasionally it may be covered if an electrical surge destroys all the electronics in the house.  That is why my partner and I chose to add a warranty to our new lake house when we first bought it outright.  For a nominal fee, set up by the real estate broker and paid for at the closing, there would be a warranty on all appliances, plumbing and the air conditioning and heating equipment.  I see the various trucks driving around town so we know that we aren’t the only people who have this type of house warranty.  In fact, this type of warranty is an excellent selling feature for when we go to resell the home.  Naturally, a buyer will have greater peace of mind if they are guaranteed that their air conditioning and heating component is covered for Heating and A/C repairs, along with the stove, refrigerator, etc.  In fact, the warranty with the Heating and A/C service agreement that the we acquired also covers the maintenance, including changing the air filters and occasionally the ductwork cleaning is covered.  The two of us plan on being in this lake house for a long while, so we definitely made sure to load up on all the Heating and A/C features that were available.  The two of us have a smart control thermostat as well that helps a great deal with my temperature control, keeping the favorite setting on even when I am away from the lake house with an easy push of a button. Now I am heading back to my new lake house and my new guaranteed air conditioning.

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HVAC equipment in our garage

My partner thoroughly enjoys going fishing. I swear he could do it all day and all night if he didn’t have so many responsibilities, he consistently comes out to the house and stinks so bad of fish and then starts to cut up the fish he just caught on my new countertops. The fish stink will linger for days after this and I believe he is using the sponge to wash the counters after and that is not sanitary at all. My young children even comment on how terrible it stinks. So I have decided that for his birthday I am going to arrange to have a fish cleaning station set up in our garage, this way he can cut and wash all of the fish he wants and he won’t have to hear us complaining about the stink on a regular basis. I know I am also going to have a Heating and A/C component installed in the garage while I am setting up his fish cleaning station. I don’t want him to overheat while he is in there because it normally takes him a while to wash all of those fish. I called my local Heating and A/C supplier to have a technician come out and look at the garage. When the Heating and A/C supplier looked at everything he said it would be a fairly simple task to get the Heating and A/C hooked up in the garage. I guess the family that was there before had HVAC ducts installed that was already leading to the garage. I guess they never finished the project, but that definitely works to my advantage. Since they already had the overpriced part taken care of this was going to cost me much less than I anticipated!


Do we want a heater more?

My partner & I have been married for about thirty years now. Between work & our several teenagers it feels basically like it is impossible to get away & have some alone time. The two of us normally have to schedule any type of trip months in advance & entirely go out of town to spend some quality time together. I have been planning a trip for us to be in the warm season once our teenagers are out of school & are off to sleepaway camp. This is the perfect period of time because we won’t have to pay the extra cost for a babysitter! Don’t get me wrong, I care a great deal about our teenagers, despite the fact that I am gleeful to spend some time with my partner away from it all. After looking at the cost of our trip, my partner had an idea. He thought maybe it would be a better idea to have a staycation & we could fix up some things around the home. The two of us have been wanting to replace the Heating & A/C unit for quite a long time now, and with the winter months approaching, we genuinely needed to replace our aged heating system. It is on the fritz without a doubt. So I called a Heating & A/C company to come out & give us a quote for a brand new heating system & it was about the same as the cost of our trip. So, we decided to just stay at the house & finally have our Heating & A/C system replaced entirely. The two of us knew we had to do what was best for the whole family. It would be tragic if any of the kids were to freeze in the wintertime because our heating system wasn’t performing as it should. I am ecstatic since we decided to upgrade the HVAC system as it was something we desperately needed. The trip could wait until the following year.

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The certain temperature in hospitals

I work in the administrative area of our hospital. I am finally working on my nursing degree & wanted to be in a hospital environment before I started the clinicals. I care about talking with doctors & meeting new patients. I live in a small town, so I am genuinely starting to get acquainted with all the faces that come through our hospital doors. I can even read while I am at work which is a nice plus. I love that I can be productive while I have down time. I will be commencing the clinicals in just a few months, so that means I will trade in my work attire for a pair of scrubs. I am so gleeful to make this major work move. However, I am a little bit distraught about the temperature of the hospital. I am always frigid & constantly wearing several sweaters. I suppose that we have to keep the air conditioning at a particular temperature because we don’t want to spread illness to any of our patients. But, I am about to freeze to death if something isn’t done soon. They don’t warn you about the frigid temperatures of hospitals while in nursing school, but I guess they wouldn’t feel the need to. I spoke with our supervisor about raising the air conditioning temperature just in the nurse lounge, although he said in order to change the air temperature in there we would have to change the Heating & A/C settings of the entire hospital. I could tell he was annoyed with these questions so I backed off promptly, despite the fact that I genuinely wanted to tell him that a smart control unit would solve all of our various concerns!

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Glad for beach house AC

Living on the beach is something I’ve dreamed of for a very long time. When we were just teenagers, our folks would drive us to the beach on weekends, where we could play in the ocean, practice surfing & swimming, & just explore the entire landscape. Those were great memories, & left me with a burning desire to move my life to the water’s edge & live in a beach residence. A few years ago I finally made that move, only to realize that all of our memories were summer season memories, & there are other seasons not as great. My beach house did come with a truly nice current heating and cooling system, so that helps out with a lot of potential issues here. For example, living on the beach inside of the wintertime is nowhere near as fun as the summer season, & the cold wind off the water makes me run our gas furnace for weeks on end! Not to mention the incredible amount of excess moisture that gets into the beach house & needs to be removed with a dehumidifier. The whole air purification program here is essential to living comfortable, because the seawater can be corrosive if all that salt isn’t removed from the air rapidly. It’s straight-forward to fuss over the sand that gets left on the carpet, however there are millions of sand particles in the air too, so a HEPA air filter is the best option for beach living. I don’t mean to complain so much, because our HVAC system really makes the venue great, however I can’t imagine living here with an ancient or outdated air purification system working in our home.

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HVAC system is clean and healthy

There is certainly a place for everything, & everything should be in its place surely. I live a truly spartan & seriously well organized existence. It’s definitely not for everyone, however it makes me happy. I keep all of our possessions neat & orderly, everything from the clothes in our closet to the magazines on our end table to the food in our fridge. I clean our beach house once per month from top to bottom, & I regularly make sure our appliances & electronics components are well diagnosed & tested. Because of this, our possessions last a long time, like our Heating, Ventilation, & A/C unit which recently got updated after 20 years of service. I looked it up online & saw the expected lifespan for this particular air conditioner program was between 8 & 12 years. That tells me that by proper Heating, Ventilation, & A/C system repair & cleaning I added several more years of life to of our AC unit. The current model cooling unit that was recently installed has a lifespan of over 15 years, so our goal is to keep it running smoothly for 30 years! It is really quite straight-forward for anyone to take good care of their cooling system. First of all, check the air vents & air ducts at least once a month, & clean down any dust or dander that has built up! Next, check the air filters just as often, & if possible replace to the HEPA air filter, which lasts longer & works better than other filters. Finally, get a Heating, Ventilation, & A/C company to inspect it once per year.

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Air conditioning for when I come home

I spent my childhood years working in the sun on my parents peanut farm. Summers were hot but it instilled a deep work ethic in me and I’m certainly now happy that I put in the work in back in the day. Now I own my own personal farm, a blueberry farm. The harvest is wonderful within the summer and we have a plentiful harvest every year. We grow and sell so many blueberries while they are in season that none of us even have to work for the rest of the  year. But let me inform you of something, those four months of work can be extremely difficult. We own a lot of land and in order to provide the biggest harvest we can we should instead get to all the blueberries. This means working ten hours a day and sometimes even longer. It is hot as well as the bugs are terrible. I am glad I’ve got my three kids to help out so we don’t have to look for extra help. We have a great time out in the field and we’ve been laughing and joking around the whole time. However, the best part within the long days are coming home with the air conditioning. We spend so many hours within the hot sun that nice cool air conditioning is sometimes one and only thing that gets us through. We spent a substantial amount of money having a top with the line HVAC system installed last summer and I might say it was a smart investment. I am so happy that we did because sitting in that cool house is now my favorite part of the day.

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Way too much heating and air conditioning

I make an attempt to spend as much time as I possibly can with my grandparents. Although I love them to death, I often procrastinate over visiting. Their house is always really uncomfortable. They live in an part of the country that experiences dramatic weather changes. The winter temperatures are unbelievably cold, and we deal with mountains of snow. The summers are always outrageously hot and humid. I understand why my grandparents rely so heavily on their HVAC system. However, they constantly change it. In the cold winter weeks, they crank their thermostat far too high, and the heater blasts non stop. Their house is extremely overheated that I sweat through my clothes. I always have to sit away from the heating vents. I strip down to shorts and a T-shirt even though the outside temperature is arctic. The moment that the snow finally melts and the flowers bloom, my grandparents shut down their furnace. They immediately turn the thermostat way down and start the air conditioner at its highest volume. In the summer, they keep their house so cold that I shiver incessantly. I would like to sit outside, in the sun, on their patio. I really want to swim in their in ground pool. I’d be happy if they had any fresh air. The same gross air is actually heated and cooled and circulated through that house every year. I can only imagine how unhealthy their indoor air quality is, and how high their bills must be.

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The air filter is wrecked

The first time I became a homeowner, I knew nothing about the regular maintenance of a property. I had either lived with my family or rented apartments and relied on a landlord to handle that stuff. For those first months, I was overwhelmed with the tasks and responsibilities. I also faced so many problems. I was very thankful for information available on the internet. When my kitchen faucet gradually lost pressure and leaked, I researched the issue. I learned that I needed to remove, clean and finally get a new aerator. When my shower started to do the same, I did some reading and found that I needed to empty the hot water tank once per year to reduce sediment. When the air conditioner was suddenly turning off after several minutes and producing very modest cool air, I once again hopped on the web for help. There was a confusing array of recommendations available, but I decided to start in on the air filter. I was amazed to have accessibility to the owner’s manual, because I didn’t even know the place that the access panel was on mine. I was relieved to find out removing and cleaning the oxygen filter was a simple and easy process. The air filter was corroded with a substantial amount of debris. However, once I cleaned the filter, I could see that it was completely trashed. There were slight rips inside, and I assumed this would hinder the performance of the air conditioner. Since I was concerned with getting the wrong kind of air filter, I brought the old gross one to the store with me. When I was unable to find a replacement of the same type at my town hardware store, I ended up contacting a licensed HVAC contractor.

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Getting the HVAC fixed before the party

My baby, Abby, is turning fifteen this month, I have to admit that she isn’t so little anymore. We  always put on fun themed parties for her birthday, so this one won’t be any different. She picked  a dance party this year and invited every one of her friends. I don’t have a clue as to what kids like today, so I hired a party planner to do the planning for me. We had a meeting with her yesterday and it went extremely well. We agreed to rent the ballroom of our local motel that happens to be right on the beach, it’s the perfect venue. We sent out the invitations last weekend because the party is just shy of three weeks away. Abby has been getting more excited about the party because every invitation has been sent back with a resounding yes as the RSVP. And then the party planner had a call from the motel yesterday saying there was some difficulty with the HVAC system, however, they planned to have it fixed by the day of this party. We had to just hope the motel was right, because we spent a lot of time and money on Abby’s party. So, on the day of the party the a/c system wasn’t repaired. The ballroom that we booked for the party was scorching hot, it felt almost like the furnace had been turned on. In a panicked state I asked that they call in an HVAC company to address the problem. Fortunately, an employee had flipped the furnace on by mistake, at the time the party started their HVAC system was blowing cool, refreshing air.

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