Tropical vacation AC

Earlier this summer, I spent several days in the Hawaiian islands with my family. I had been looking forward to my hard-earned vacation time from work for a whole year, and it had finally come to me in the form of a luxurious island vacation. The first thing that I noticed when we got to the ground off the plane was the tropical temperatures that we were greeted by. It was ridiculously hot, and I was told that some weeks, there would probably be rain nonstop. But no matter, I was prepared, and seemingly, the hotel that we were sojourning at was as well. When we reached the hotel, they had one of the best HVAC systems that I have ever experienced installed. That HVAC unit heated and cooled just about every room with elegant efficiency. I tried to indicate the merits of the hotel’s HVAC system to my loved ones, as it is related to my area of expertise, but I was shot down by my spouse, who told me to relax and remove my work mindset. I suppose it’s an occupational hazard, but I can’t quiet the thoughts that I have when it comes to quality HVAC. I simply had to know what sort of HVAC providers they had inside the tropics here, and how the standards differed from HVAC providers in the mainland. There had to be some key differences, and maybe I enjoyed the HVAC so much down here because the islands did not have the problems with heating and cooling back where I am from. But my family dragged me to the beach instead, and I was grateful for that, too, I guess.

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Space heater safety tips

With the winter season approaching, so many people are beginning to bring out their cold weather gear. I started to pull out my several boxes of winter clothes and folded up my summer wear. My patio furniture is now in storage and I am double checking everything in my house to be sure I can last through the winter will minimal issues. One thing I want to advise people about is if they are using space heaters in the winter. My house has a great heating system already installed, but when I was living in apartments during my younger years, I relied on space heaters for warmth. What many people don’t realize is that there is a lot of risk involved in running an electric or gas space heater in the winter. To avoid any problems, there are a few things you should do while using a heater. First, always make sure that the heater is off when you leave the house. If a heater is left on, it may overheat and cause a fire or breakdown. Secondly, you should always be sure to keep the space heater at least two feet away from the wall or any surrounding objects. Also, you should never hang anything on the heater such as clothing or blankets for it increases the risk of a fire. Lastly, you should never sit on the heater or touch it with your bare hands. If the heater has been on for a long time, it tends to become extremely hot and can severely burn your skin. If you plan on using a space heater this winter, take these precautions.

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A fantastic fireplace

I have a love hate relationship with the winter season. I hate it the most when I have to go outside and enter the blistering winds. I’m particularly sensitive to the icy winds, plus I can never seem to function like a normal human. I’m one of the only people out of my friends and family who hates the winter so much. I’m the one complaining the most. Every winter, there is never enough jackets, gloves, boots, beanies and socks that can change my mind about entering the cold outdoors. I appreciate the lovely views that the snow creates. It makes everything look clean and perfect. However, the thought of going outside and walking in it just makes me anxious to crawl in bed. The positive thing about winter, is the HVAC system I have. I have this fantastic fireplace as well that I enjoy laying beside. I like to drink hot chocolate while watching a good movie. I have a smart temperature control that I can adjust to whatever I want, whether I’m home or away. My electricity bill is always a lot lower, because my heating unit knows when all my rooms are at the right temperature. I had to make sure that my Heating, Ventilation plus A/C equipment was energy efficient. I just hate the cold winter months in general. However, it largely depends if I’m inside or outside.  

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Raising money for theater HVAC

Today was a rehearsal day for our local community choir. I only joined the choir because a friend of mine told me that the choir is extremely talented and often gets to travel on a fundraised budget. I have always loved traveling, but often my bank account only lets me go to the nearest restaurant about once per month. I think that this community choir can be described as really great idea for teenagers like myself, as it gets them in an organization that is socially active and thought-provoking. Additionally, the choir instills a love of music together with a sense of teamwork and obligation, not to mention the actual skill it takes to participate. I knew that I would enjoy aspects of this choir, but I had no idea that I would fall in love with the rehearsal space, as well as the members and the music. The place where the community choir rehearses is this great old theater downtown. The heating and cooling system in the theater is incredible! They recently pooled some funds to upgrade the heating and cooling system and it was a huge success, I believe. They invested in a smart thermostat together with zone controlled heating and cooling. These great heating and cooling tools have the ability to keep those heating and cooling costs low. For a huge building with multiple rooms, keeping such costs low is a huge advantage. I particularly like their smart thermostat. I have been considering getting a smart thermostat for use around my own home, and it is all thanks to this great little community choir!

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Reaching the desired temperatures

Sometimes I hate the winter season. I hate it the most when I’m outside walking around in the blistering winds. I’m super sensitive to chilly winds, so I can’t seem to function whenever I’m in it. I feel like I’m the only one out there who hates the winter weather. I’m the only one who complains the most. There’s almost never enough jackets, gloves, beanies, boots and socks in the world. None of these things will change my mind about entering the outside during the winter. I love how pretty everything is when the snow is layering up on the ground. Even the thought of going outside in the cold weather makes me want to stay in my warm bed. The upside to the winter season, is the cozy fireplace I have installed in my apartment. My ideal night at home is sitting in front of the fireplace with a big cup of coffee with a holiday movie on the TV. I have the smart control equipment in my apartment. When I’m out and about, I get to turn the furnace on and off whenever I want. I can set it to my preferred temperature. My electricity bill is never high each month because my heating equipment knows when the rooms reach their desired temperatures. I always make sure that my Heating and A/C equipment is acting energy efficient. I hate the cold weather, but it really depends on whether or not I’m outside or inside.

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AC in Winter and Heating in Summer

When i think back to my university or college days, I don’t often think back to the parties, or the amorous interests, or even the professors that I had back during those times. Unfortunately, I think back on the bad HVAC that marks every one of those memories like a scar. The heating and cooling system was notoriously bad ever since the people working for the school’s facilities were only there a part of the day, and they were the ones who had the means to access the thermostat. Even though they were there only from nine to help five, the students were generally there twenty-four seven, and we desired HVAC, darn it! Without usage of the thermostat, many of our activities away from the hours of nine to five were marked by bad in addition to unwanted air conditioning, or heat through the furnace when it didn’t seem right. For example, whenever we decided on the dining hall for dinner time, it was after hours for the facilities people. Every time we would walk into the dining hall, the temperature was drastically inappropriate. We’re talking blasting air conditioning during the middle of winter, and somehow the heater being on in the summertime. Sometimes we would blame it on the weather outside leaking in, but when we went to feel the vents or the ductwork to make sure that it wasn’t that, sure enough, the evidence of bad HVAC had been all there. I wish I had better memories of my college days other than just those of bad and inadequate HVAC, but somehow, that bad HVAC brought people together as a group, and I feel that I have some strong friends to this day from those times. In a strange way, I’m grateful.

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My electric bill has never been so high

There are times when I hate the entire winter season. Typically, it’s when I have to step outside plus face the chilly winds. I’m rather sensitive to the chilly winds plus I can’t seem to ever function properly within it. I’m literally the only person in my friend group who hates the cold weather. I’m always complaining about it. There is never quite enough jackets, gloves, beanies, boots plus socks in the world that could ever change my mind about the winter weather. I prefer to look at the snow as it’s falling, rather than be in it. The thought of going into the cold makes me want to stay in my bed. The upside to the winter weather is the fireplace that I have in my home. My ideal night in is having the fireplace lit with a big cup of hot chocolate. I love to sit in front of it while watching a holiday film. I have a smart thermostat inside my home. Whenever I’m out and about, I can switch off my furnace from my smart phone. I can set the inside temperature to whatever I want. My electricity bill is never very high, because the heating unit knows exactly when the rooms are the temperature temperature. I always need to make sure that the Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C system was energy efficient. I have a love hate relationship with winter. It just depends on whether or not I’m inside or outside of the house.

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HVAC for kids

It was yet another rainy, gray day. With my elbow rested on my desk, and my cheek rested in my hand, I gazed out on the cold wet day, and wished desperately for a furnace to kick on in here. I was in our classroom as always, or so it seemed, and the teacher has been droning on, and half that class was asleep, hypnotized from the patter of the rain on the windows. There was no HVAC inside our school, as much as we wished for it, and on cold days similar to this, all we could do was hope in vain. Not only did this means that the students would be unpleasant in class, but it also meant that our teachers were not at their full capacity, and that they could not necessarily disseminate the material in efficient ways to the students. Basically, everyone was having a bad time because the school had not invested in HVAC equipment, and test scores were dropping as a result of it. Not only were the teachers inefficient, but the students were too uncomfortable so as to do the classwork efficiently, leading to poor learning. This was one of the days where we found ourselves suffering the most due to the HVAC, or lack thereof. Eventually, we should have put a petition together to bring to light the detriment of needing adequate heating and cooling within our school, and the real marked decrease in scores because of it. Maybe we would put it together if only we weren’t so cold all day long.

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Stage air conditioner

When I waited in the wings designed for my moment onstage, I focused on the sounds that I noticed above. I wasn’t worried about the nervous, fidgeting noises I heard from the audience out there, they had their own problems to accommodate, and I had mine. I was concerned with the noise I was hearing from the air conditioning, and how it was blasting throughout the concert hall, even backstage where I was. Even from the green room, I could tell something was wrong. The air was much too cold, and in a concert pianist like me, that will spell disaster. When the air conditioning makes the environment around you too cold, the blood doesn’t flow well to your extremities, especially your fingers. And when your fingers don’t get enough circulation, well, that means that you just can’t play at your top form. At a competition like the event I was at, that meant that most people would go home dejected, realizing that we didn’t play our most effective. Knowing that it wasn’t our fault that we didn’t play our best is the worst feeling. So I did all that I could to defeat the air conditioning during my couple of minutes backstage before I actually took to the piano on that well lit stage. I warmed them as best I could, still listening to the run of air through ductwork. I would not be defeated from the HVAC today, that was for sure. With a confident glint, I prepared myself, took a breath, and strode to the piano, come what may.

ductless multi split

Reaching our desired temperature

There’s times when I don’t appreciate the winter weather. This is typically the time when I step outside plus face the blistering winds. I’m actually sensitive to the chilly winds, plus I can’t seem to ever function when I’m stuck in it. I’m genuinely the only person in my family that hates the winter, because I’m the one who complains the most. There is never enough overcoats, gloves, beanies, boots plus socks that will ever change my mind about going outside during the winter months. I really love how it looks when the snow is piling up on the ground. However, the thought of going outside in the cold makes me want to nuzzle back under the covers. The only positive to the winter season, is the fireplace plus heating plan within my home. My ideal evening is lighting the fireplace and sitting with a cup of coffee, while watching a good holiday movie. I had a smart thermostat installed, so if I’m ever out of the house I can simply turn the heating plan on. I can set it to our desired temperature. My electricity bill is never as high as it used to be because the heating component knows exactly when it’s hit the desired temperature. I needed to make sure that my Heating plus Air Conditioning component was as energy efficient as possible. I dread the winter season, but it depends on whether I’m inside or outside.

temperature control