I was slightly annoyed

As soon as my parents first bought me an electric piano, I was a million steps from playing a simple A-minor chord. I saw it as a simple instrument that probably wouldn’t require a lot of work; however, the reality of the situation was deep beyond our expectations. I was lost between every key relating to the board and couldn’t even play with both hands at first. I almost gave up at one point until 1 day I looked up a song tutorial via the internet. After practicing and mastering the artistic work, I couldn’t escape the desire to learn the piano. The feeling it gave me from playing the song was as if I shot the game-winning shot at a 2 hour basketball game which went into overtime. One minor thing that played a massive role in this, additionally, ended up being the HVAC. I didn’t see it, but the cool refreshing environment was actually a playing element in me learning that song. Almost everything around me felt refreshing and crystal. I didn’t have any difficulties or irritations and yes it felt great to learn the new skill. I really have my HVAC company to thank for this. I don’t know if it was for the fact that we had just changed  filters this month or if we had a tune up done recently but it was honestly superb and great. I told my parents and they notified the HVAC company who promised to produce the same exact quality and service for the many years to come. Who knew what a difference HVAC can certainly make?

air conditioning filter 

Fixing the cooling system

My husband works in a car garage, as a repair mechanic, and he comes home with a whole lot of stories to tell about the people’s cars. One of my favorites ought to be about a woman he once had being a customer who had brought her car in as a result of rattling in the air conditioning grills.  She had wanted to make sure something important hadn’t been knocked out of place up in the dashboard region to make that noise whenever it came in.  While I can’t recall the technical terms as to the the issue had been, the issue was in the air conditioner itself, and he explained it to the woman. Her response afterwards is what kills him and I actually almost died with laughter. She thanked him for looking at her car and asked the estimate of what the check up costed her. My husband, confused with the response, asked if she wished to get it fixed. The woman replied saying needless to say she did, but that she wouldn’t expect him to take care of something beyond the borders of his profession so she would take it to be looked at by her HVAC technician alternatively. The woman thought than a HVAC technician, someone who sets up and repairs home air conditioning and heating system, could fix the very different AC system in her car. My husband said it took each of his willpower to calmly show her that they wouldn’t be able to help without bursting out with laughter. In the end he wasn’t certain if she completely understood why a car mechanic was the correct professional with the job but it ended being fixed and she went on her way.

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Fixing the air conditioner

Every summer I volunteer as a counselor for the day camp held in my area. It’s completely volunteer-based so not having people stepping forward to help out wouldn’t allow the place to run, but we’ve never had a shortage of assistance or resources. An old school was converted into a community center near the neighborhood but now a new facility has been built, and that’s where we hold the day camp at. The gym is the perfect place for the different activities we do and allows plenty of space for absolutely everyone. That is where the day camp is frequently spent, playing all sorts of games or craft-making sessions, but we had an incident one day where the building’s HVAC system wouldn’t get into gear. With it being summer camp, and being situated in a warmer climate, we weren’t capable to keep the kids in that hot, stuffy building without a good functioning air conditioner. However, many parents had plans and wouldn’t be capable to turn around and pick up the kids. So, while someone else went to be sure of the HVAC system to try and repair the air conditioning, I kept the children entertained outside. We had water balloons, jump ropes, sidewalk chalk, hula hoops, and balls to hold everyone at a fun environment, and the outside activities were a blast. Thankfully the issue with that HVAC system was resolved before lunchtime so everyone was able to go inside and eat within the nice, refreshing, air conditioned workout center. Despite the AC causing some conflict, we got to spend the day outside in the natural oxygen which was great.

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I am excited for my honeymoon

This wedding reception that we just attended was a lot of fun. It was a country form of a wedding where the girls mostly wore cowboy boots and the fellas were wearing more relaxed clothes than most typical weddings. It featured signature drinks around mason jars and fresh wild flowers were adorning the tables. It was a refreshing alter from all the formal weddings we have attended this year for certain. The only downside to the wedding was the temperature in this venue. There were over 250 guests plus the room had no real air circulation whatsoever. If you were lucky enough to be sitting by an open exit, that little bit of breeze helped. If you needed to go to the bar or the restrooms, it was terribly stifling. The happy couple just loves the heat of summer. They were comfortable and I reckon that that is what is most crucial. As we are shopping for a venue for our second daughter, I will definitely not ever consider this one due to its out of date HVAC system. I would never have known it was would be a difficulty, had I not attended the following event. I do know that looking at other places, I am sure to inquire about exactly what system they have and if they have it serviced regularly. The happy couple is off at their honeymoon in the tropics. Probably they will love the heat and humidity there too. They will of course have the advantages of dressing for the summer weather instead of being dressed for a marriage ceremony. I hope they have several happy years together and always remember the great time they previously had at their wedding.

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Hooking my smart phone to my HVAC system

Have you ever had the opportunity to sit and listen to an older person concerning their childhood? I know that some teenagers think that older people, mainly their parents, can be boring and that they don’t know anything about present day life. This can be true concerning the ever changing technology of today, but after you sit and talk with them you can learn some amazing things. I recall as a child my grandparents telling us about stuff from right after they were kids and thinking “wow, I cannot imagine not having cars”. We take so much for granted lately and just assume that it has been there. My own children can’t imagine that we had to dial letters and numbers to generate a call, or that we only had 3 channels over the television. When it came to bodily comfort in our homes, it was subsequently so different as well. We had two large space heaters within our house that sat in the course of the room. They were powered by gas and on occasion could be very noisy. From their my mom would put a clothes dryer near to them to dry our shoes, gloves and coats during a bitter winter after we were out playing within the snow. These heaters were very inefficient when it heated the whole house. Now we never even think of that since the modern systems, you have the main house controlled to your most suitable settings. HVAC systems can at this moment be run, and even diagnosed by using your smart phone. I suppose my grandparents would think that was “space age” technology and would seem unbelievable. Times have changed for the good and bad. Sometimes simpler is better, it also just depends on what area of life you are referring to.

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Cutting down my energy bills

Two months ago, my sister called me and laughed and said they had just received a power bill that was about three times higher than their normal monthly bill. She was confused because the family hadn’t done anything different using their HVAC unit and it was through the transitional period of fall and then into winter. They weren’t even using that HVAC unit much at all. So, she ended up calling a professional HVAC technician to come out and look into their unit. She realized after her conversation that it had been really quite some time since they had had their HVAC serviced. Which is probably an underlying issue to their costly electricity bill. Luckily, their technician was a friend and surely could get them in the very next day to achieve a resolve. After taking a review of their unit, he realized that several ducts that ran from the HVAC unit inside the house was clogged. Therefore, the HVAC unit was working two times as hard trying to keep the house cool. After fishing out the debris clogging the air vent and cleaning out the ducts, and doing a full tune-up on their unit, everything seemed to be working perfectly again. Even considering that the repair was expensive, it would eventually be worth the money they would save on the monthly energy consumption, as well as what goes along with the hassle of their HVAC unit not performing to its extensive potential. Thankfully they were able to find the problem fairly quickly, otherwise they would frequently have been paying another big electricity bill!

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I’m not worried about our missing heater

The garage a great place to hang out. There could be TV, video games, and a whole lot of sitting room. It’s the one place that our children hang out with us, and don’t treat us like we’re their parents. We’ve had a lot of fun in there recently, and it got me convinced that maybe we might want heat in there for the winter. The garage has actually been an entertaining space, but as of recently we really spend much more time in there. Now that the kids have gotten a little bit older, it’s easier to spend time with them in a setting they feel comfortable with. Since we’ve been spending much more time in there, I don’t want that to get rid of because he gets cold outside. I’ve been looking at among those new portable heaters for a garage, and I think that could be the answer or at least maybe a temporary solution. The hardware store carries several different models of portable heaters, so they really told me to come in and they would help me figure out what model would work best for me. I hope affordable furnace could continue to give us an opportunity to spend quality time with our children. Now that the winter season is coming, it’ll be harder than ever to keep them inside your home. They really enjoy winter sports such as hockey, skiing, and snowboarding. Should they come home, which is rare in the winter, I want us to all be capable of relax together.

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A/C repairs

A couple of days ago, the a/c broke, and we haven’t had the money to repair it just yet. We live in the south, and it gets very warm. Thank goodness it isn’t the center of the summer, otherwise, we would probably be dying from the very hot heat. Luckily it is only the center of September, so although it’s very warm outside and a/c could be nice, it isn’t a luxury we need. The kids have done nothing but complain since the AC went out, but we’ve at least managed to keep things cool with a couple of oscillating fan. They’re not nearly as great as AC, but at the least they help to circulate the hot air. I’m pretty sure it’s about to be an expensive fix for the AC, because last time the AC technician was out to our house, they told us it was really on its last leg. That has been about six months ago and we haven’t was able to save very much money since that time. My brother just had his AC last year and it cost them several thousand dollars, not to mention the fact that it was inconvenient, because it was the hottest part of the summer. I think if we could just wait out September along with October, maybe we could wait around until next spring, to be ready to fix the AC properly. The kids won’t be very happy hear that, but I believe that makes the best financial sense for our family, especially with Christmas right just about to happen. I’m sure the children would prefer to have Christmas presents than air conditioning.

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This is not that complex

As I went to the mall  to do some holiday shopping,  I was surprised to observe how cold it was in  there. I imagine the maintenance people for the mall set the HVAC system  at a certain temperature in line with the expected amount of people that are there at a given time. Sort of like when you head off to an indoor gathering in a conference room, you will find the air conditioning or heat is set really low. That is because in the event the room fills up, the heat generated by the patrons will make it much warmer than it was earlier. So, if you have the thermostat set high, it will get too hot too fast. I would imagine a complex the size of a shopping mall would contain a pretty sophisticated heating and air conditioning system that you control by an elaborate thermostat which will change the temperature on a dime and keep everyone comfortable and also minimize the utility expense involved. I wouldn’t be surprised to find that the mall had an HVAC contractor that specializes in indoor temperature control for large complexes. You have to figure an indoor shopping mall has a whole lot of open spaces so that would pose a challenge so far as air conditioning and heating is concerned. It would be  totally different from an office complex that had many small rooms. Anyway, I am sure later on in the day the temperature at the mall would adjust to compensate for the many  people in there..heating-equipment

The fall weather

Evidently fall is here. I guess I’ll  go and clean the leaves from my heat pump. I guess I don’t need to, but I figure it is good to take the lid off all my HVAC condenser unit in the garden and clean the leaves as well as other debris that collect there. I also like to clean the exhaust fans that are in my bathrooms. I guess you could say I believe in deterrent maintenance. That is why I upgrade my HVAC air handler filter every  month. I figure my air conditioner and gas furnace will work better and last longer if they don’t have a lot of dirt in them. I also have my HVAC provider come out to my house yearly to inspect my HVAC equipment to make sure everything is tweaked properly and is working as efficiently as it can. An ounce of prevention goes a long way, you know. My neighbor purchased his HVAC system that same time as me but he to replace it last year. It seems that his air handler would just stay on constantly and that really cost him a lot on his utility bills. My HVAC system is working okay though. I think that is because I am so meticulous concerning maintenance. I guess it may be possible that I had a better HVAC system installed than his,  but I don’t think so since our houses were new when we bought them, so they probably had similar HVAC equipment installed in them. I guess the next time my HVAC contractor comes by I’ll ask him about when he thinks I’ll need a new system. I imagine he’ll say now is a good time, as he wants to create a sale!

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