We had a very hot beach day

About three months ago, my friends as well as myself decided to go on an outing for the day. We decided to go to the beach as well as enjoy a great day of fun in the sun. Around the middle of the day, everyone of us decided to lay on the sand and get a tan. I ended up suffering a terrible sunburn, because I fell asleep in the Sun. I felt extremely tired throughout the remainder of the day, as well as I wasn’t myself. Right as we were getting ready to leave the beach, I started to feel physically ill. I was very ready to get home and turn on our air conditioner. We have a really nice heating as well as cooling system in our home, and I knew I would be guaranteed to be comfortable even though I had a terrible sunburn. It was a 60-minute drive home, and the air conditioner in the car didn’t do much to keep me comfortable. The air conditioners felt much like a furnace on the skin. When I finally arrived back to the house, I turn the thermostat down to 64 degrees and put the cooling idea on high. Cold air was soon making its way into the house, as well as blowing out of the vents. We had just recently had an HVAC specialist clean our air ducts as well as sanitize them. The air quality in our home was absolutely wonderful, as well as I sat on the bed and enjoyed the cool air that was circulating throughout the room. I was very happy that my family had taken such great care of our air conditioning system, because I really needed it right now

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A super hot beach day

About a month ago my friends and I decided to go to the beach for a nice relaxing day of fun and sun. At around noon, we decided to lay out on the sand to get a tan. I unfortunately fell asleep in the sun, and suffered badly because of it. I felt tired and out of it throughout the remainder of the afternoon. I just wasn’t myself. Towards the end of the day I started to feel really  sick. The heat must have gotten to me. I couldn’t wait to get home to my air conditioning. We had a very good heating and cooling system, so I was guaranteed comfortable air quality when I got home. It was about ninety-five degrees today, so that air conditioning was going to feel really good on my furnace-like skin. When I finally got home, I ran to the thermostat to put the cooling system on as high as it could go. Soon, cold air was making its way through the ductwork, and blowing out of the vents. The air quality was very clean too. We just had an HVAC technician come to clean out the ductwork and perform an air conditioning tune up. We were good to go for the rest of the summer! I sat back on my bed and just enjoyed the cool air circulating through the room. I was so thankful that my family paid such a high priority too our HVAC system. Having the ability to maintain comfortable temperatures is one of the most important things to an enjoyable life!

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It’s hard trying to push through winter

I hate the winter months each year. I hate it so much that I packed up my things and moved south by myself. I couldn’t stand the snow or ice and planned to trade it all in for unlimited sunshine. I’ve been living down south for over 5 years and haven’t seen one snowflake. The temperature very rarely dips below 60 degrees in the day. Unfortunately, we had a rare winter storm come through a few days ago. The northern part of the state was getting hit by a blizzard, while we were gaining non stop rain and dismal weather. The temperatures were dipping into the forties and it was extremely cold! I like to avoid turning on the heat until absolutely necessary, so I tried holding out for long as I could. During the evenings, I’d bundle up in blankets. I prefer a cooler environment when I sleep, so I was fine. However, when I’d get up in the morning, I’d be freezing! I couldn’t stand taking a shower or leaving my warm pajamas. Then, I had a day off and caved when it came to my furnace. I had to remain home all day and the outside temperatures never warmed up. I had to turn on my furnace to keep from shivering all day. I couldn’t stay in bed all day! Thankfully, my apartment heated up within minutes and I could keep warm. Hopefully, we won’t be experiencing any more winter storms like that, because I didn’t move south for this.

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You’d think a motel would install an air conditioner

When my son join the Navy, he had basic training towards the bayou. He graduated in the month of November when the weather was a bit chilly. It was very cold outside when we left for our 16-hour trip. We saw a significant raise in the temperatures, as the miles went South. When we finally arrived to his basic camp, the people I was with and I found a nice motel room. I got up during the middle of the night when I realized there wasn’t any lights in the room. My husband started to Grumble, when I told him that it was the morning. There was no hot water in the shower, and there didn’t seem to be any electricity to run the toothbrush or currently iron. When we woke up the next morning, the air conditioning was also not working. We went down to the front desk and complained. When the man tried to apologize, he said they contacted an HVAC service person. They had not arrived, by the time I went to my son’s party. He was going to be deployed that same evening, right after the ceremonies were promptly over. He had just a few hours to spend with us, before he was leaving. I didn’t want to stay in that hotel without air conditioning for any moment longer, and therefore, the people I was with and I decided to turn around and go right back home. If there wasn’t going to be any way to stay cool in the south, then I Wasn’t spending one more moment there without A/C.

The lack of air conditioning in here is wild

When my kid finally graduated from military school, my husband and vision to myself decided to go and watch him graduate. It had been a struggle for many years, and he was finally going to be finishing what he started. My husband in addition to myself decided to make the four-hour trip, in addition to stay the night at a local hotel. We drove down in the afternoon, and arrived the evening before his graduation ceremony in the morning. We wanted to have plenty of time to get rest, so that we could spend the entire day with him the next day. We booked our hotel room online, because we were able to get points for our jobs. The hotel room that we chose had a 4-star rating, and came in addition to came with great reviews. The indoor air quality was great when we first arrived to the hotel room, and the air conditioner was working well. About 9 or 10 o’clock at night, the air conditioner was running very sluggishly. It didn’t seem to be cooling as well as it was earlier in the day. We contacted the front desk, and they sent a heating plus air conditioning service person to our room. When they arrived a few minutes later, they reviewed the air conditioner but said they couldn’t tell a problem. The AC system did not have a thermostat setting, but only a cool in addition to heat setting, and then another button for high or low. I knew that there was no way the A/C was running on full capacity, because I was sweating. I had to have been close to eighty degrees in our room.

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Motels should all have A/C

When my son had his basic training for the Air Force, he graduated in a very southern town. My husband as well as myself wanted to see him graduate, so we left on an 18-hour trip. All of us saw a raise in the temperatures as we traveled for their self. When both of us finally arrived to his camp, we instantly found a motel room. We’ve been traveling all night long, and we’re very tired. The night was very bothersome, as we spent most of it being hot. The electricity kept flickering, causing the air conditioning system to reset every time period every time it turned off, it would take nearly 10 minutes before it would cycle back on. I called down to someone at the front desk to talk about the air conditioning problem, and I was informed that it was an electrical malfunction. There was nothing they could do, as someone had hit a resistor inside of town. He offered to refund half of our money, which we were extremely glad. We didn’t get very good sleep that night, and the air conditioning never really turned on and stayed on. The people I Was with and I saw our son graduate, so both of us didn’t mind having no sleep without air conditioning. We were so proud of our boy. After the graduation ceremony was completed, we spent a few hours with our son. We were extremely happy to see him before he left for his assignment. We then left to head right back home, because we did not want to spend another miserable night in theta hotel room without air conditioning.

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A motel on the bayou

When my child was stationed in the military, she first in her basics in the southern part of the country. She had graduated during the month of October, and the people I was with and I decided to visit. It would be an 18-hour trip from her home in the Northeast, and when the people I was with and I left, the weather was extremely chilly. There was a slow rise in the temperatures, as we travelled further and further south. When the people I was with an addition to myself received our way to the Post, we found a small motel room. Since it was graduation, most of the places were booked. The motel room was a complete disaster, and there was no hot water. When we finally got the hot water problem fixed, the electricity kept flickering on and off. We could hardly get any sleep, because the room was so hot in addition to Human. I was ready to go home, and we had only been there for about four hours. My daughter was stuck in the room that was directly next to ours, and she was trembling to at the night had been harshly hot. The humidity was completely terrible, and we were very aggravated that the air conditioning system did not work. Will try to call down to the front desk clerk, and she said there was nothing they could do about the problem with the flickering electricity. She explained how a transistor had been hit, and it had affected the rooms. She did offer to give us a free wake up call, which didn’t help the air conditioning problem one bit. residential HVAC

A motel with no air conditioning

When  my son first joined the army, he did his basics in the bayou.  He graduated in November.  The weather was chilly when we left the day before for our eighteen hour trip.  We saw a slow raise in temperatures, the further south we went.  When we got to his camp, we found a motel room.  I got up in the middle of the night and almost fell.  I realized there were no lights.  I nudged my husband who grumbled to tell him in the morning.  When he got up the next morning, he got into the shower and froze.  There was no hot water.  I had no electricity to run my curling iron, or my toothbrush.  I was upset because I couldn’t sleep without electricity.  I was sticky from the humidity of the room.  I wanted to go home.  My daughter was in the room next to ours and she was also grumbling because the night had been extremely hot.  It hadn’t gotten out of the eighties.  The humidity was outrageous.  I felt like I was wearing a coat of moist air.  I hadn’t showered the night before because we were all tired from driving the eighteen hours without stopping.  I complained to the front desk clerk.  He apologized, but said there was nothing he could do.  He had air conditioning in his office.  He said the main electric line that led to the rooms was hit by lightning.  They had called the HVAC servicemen, but no one had arrived yet.  I went to my son’s graduation.  He was deployed immediately, following the ceremonies and an hour to spend with family.  When he got on the plane, I promptly demanded they take me home.  

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Opening my windows up

I had a lot of trouble looking for a job in my field after college. I sent my resume everywhere, and finally landed a job at a company down south. I spent my youth in the northeastern region of the country where the weather can be predominantly cold, and our priority is often a reliable heating system. I had never even owned an air conditioner, and could probably easily survive our mild summer weather using a few box fans. Moving down south was an incredibly difficult transition for me as I had very little money. I had a lot of loans to pay, along with car payments and it didn’t help that my new job was paying very little. I was forced to live in the cheapest apartment I could find. I rented the apartment with an online service, and was very concerned about what I was getting into. When I arrived at the new apartment, I discovered outdated appliances, bumpy flooring, and windows that wouldn’t open. The floor coverings were stained, the water pressure was terrible, and almost all of the electrical outlets didn’t work. I figured I could have lived with these problems. When I tried to start up my air conditioner, I realized that barely functioned properly. It didn’t matter how low I set the thermostat, the air conditioner would only give almost no warm air. Plus, the cooling system’s air smelled really moldy and stale. The air conditioner dripped water constantly and made an very loud screeching sound every time it ran. My apartment was so overheated and sticky that it really made it impossible to sleep at nighttime. I bought a lot of bleach to combat the bacteria and mildew that had grown on my windowsills and inside the bathroom. Because my windows wouldn’t open, I couldn’t even install a portable air conditioner. Because I signed a lease, I was stuck in the apartment for a year.

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I’ve been trying to relax for a while

We are complete opposites. Sometimes I wonder how our marriage might survive. She is such a free spirit and likes the all natural daylight, so she is forever opening the blinds and curtains to let in the sunshine. I am the money saver in the family, so I like to keep the hot southern sun out and also the curtains completely closed. My wife thinks I am part vampire. I think she thinks I am a rich man. The temperature of our home in addition has been a problem for us right from the start. She is a tiny women who get cold pretty convenient, therefore she likes the room to get warm and cozy. I am a sizable man and I sweat quite simply, causing me to prefer an awesome room with very low moisture. Because I love my wife and want to remain married for quite a while to come, I decided to undertake some HVAC research. I found many different HVAC systems, but the one I thought would help us deal with our temperature issue the most is a HVAC with zone control. My spouse now has her own thermostat control. I also upgraded her to a smart thermostat that she is able to control from her smartphone. She loves me more for this purpose for sure. We never argue as to what temperature our home should get anymore. She relaxes after work with the curtains wide and the surrounding as warm as she loves, while I unwind in the subsequent room, with the temperature changed way down. At night, we compromise and sleep peacefully together.

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