Trying to improve my home

A week ago, a hurricane came through our region. The damage in our particular area isn’t too terrible, but there was a variety of downed branches and debris. After the storm, my husband and I trudged outside to start on the cleanup process. Thankfully, no one in our area lost power during the storm, so anytime we needed to escape cleaning, we knew we could come back inside for a cold drink and some good air conditioning. After several days of work, we finally cleared the debris on our property. We sat in the air conditioning for a couple of minutes to cool off, then headed over to my husband’s grandparents’ house to help with their debris. Despite the fact that their house is a mile away from ours, they lost all power. This meant that there was no A/C and no cold drinks to retire to. We made a decision to work as fast as we were able to so that way we may get their yard cleared and then head back to our house and its air conditioning. This plan sounded good, but in truthfulness, we ended up both getting so exhausted that him and I had to sit down outside and to rest. Thankfully, the weather was not way too hot and there was a bit of a breeze, but this did not quite replace the lack of air conditioning. That night, when we finally walked into our home, my husband immediately turned the thermostat down before using a shower. Neither of us did anything productive the rest of the day. We just relaxed and tried to enjoy the A/C!

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