New job at HVAC company

When I started looking for a receptionist job, I put in a ton of applications. There were a lot of positions open, and I wanted to to sign on with a new company. Most of the places happened to be business offices, but I also put in a few applications at some local small businesses. A few days ago, I got a call from a local HVAC company. The HVAC company was looking for an office manager, and they pulled my application. I don’t have any office manger experience, but they were impressed with my resume. I had worked for an electric company for three years, and I had a lot of knowledge about machines. I went in for an interview yesterday. I spent two hours speaking with the owner of the company, and the human resource manager. They were absolutely delightful, and offered me the position of office manager. The HVAC company is going to pay me a huge sum of money, and it’s more than I have ever made before. I don’t know a whole lot about the HVAC industry, but I am a fast learner. I start working at the HVAC company next Monday, and I have been doing a lot of research. I want to know the basic lingo, before I start. The HVAC industry is very fast growing, and this specific company has doubled in size over the past year. I will be in charge of 35 employees, 6 company trucks, and business that does a half million dollars in sales every year. I am very excited to be offered this great opportunity.

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Bugs in A/C vents

My wife and I were enjoying a quiet day at home. The weather outside was cool and comfortable, so we had the windows open a bit. We were watching a few reruns of our favorite comedy television show, when we both noticed a bug crawling out of our A/C vent. The bug crawled from the A/C vent, right to the open window. I thought that it was a funny thing, though I had no idea what was in store for both of us. When the second bug crawled out of the A/C vent, I decided to check things out. My wife went and fetched a screwdriver from the garage, so that I could easily remove the A/C vent cover. I found several different types of bugs crawling around inside of the A/C vent, so we decided to contact our local Pest Control Office. When The Exterminator arrived the following morning, I was happy to tell him of all of the bugs that we found inside of the A/C vent. The Exterminator went up into the attic, to find out what types of problems were inside. The Exterminator found a few holes in our A/C ducting, which had allowed bugs to crawl inside of the Apes events. The Exterminator was able to get rid of all the bugs inside of the A/C vents, but we needed to contact an HVAC Corporation. The A/C ducting was covered in small holes, and there was a lot of patch work that needed to be done.

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Cooling the sweet smelling air

The aroma of cinnamon and brown sugar wafts in the air every time the fan swivels in my direction and blows in my direction.  We have a great air conditioning system, but when I’m baking, I love to have the fans blowing and tantalize everyone in the house with the aroma.  The apples were off my tree, and I couldn’t resist a large batch of homemade apple dumplings.  It was worth the heat that came from the stove and caused my air conditioning to work harder.  It was well worth the sweat that clouded my eyes as I worked in the heat.  My family sat down at the table and I heard the praises that came from them.  The apple dumplings were a hit.  I sat in front of the air conditioning, and felt the cool air as it dried my face.  My daughter was doing the dishes, and she was complaining about the heat in the kitchen.  I almost laughed when I reminded her that I was the one who stood in the kitchen and was cooking.  She was mortified that I could leave such a hot chore to her, and she went over to the thermostat to turn the air conditioning temperature down.  She came in and tapped me on the shoulder and called me mother.  I knew something was wrong.  Apparently, in my haste to get the baking done, instead of turning the air conditioning up, I had screwed up and bumped the switch that turned on the heater.  The temperature was still at eighty, and the heater was still running.  

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Fireplace and furnace flues

I love the peace and quiet of winter.  The snow lies on the ground and it squelches the harsh sound of traffic.  Kids are running and laughing as the snow melts on their tongues, and the ground is pure.  On the other hand, there is smoke billowing into the air, because many people don’t have their furnaces properly maintained in the fall.  There are few people who hire chimney sweeps to take care of the cleaning of their chimneys.  I guess people believe that if they don’t have fireplaces, there isn’t a need to have the chimney cleaned.  Soot from wood and coal isn’t the only hazard for chimneys.  The flue may not be as big for a furnace, and most have some kind of cap on top, but there are all kinds of insects that can get into that chimney.  A couple of years ago, we had a swarm of honeybees that decided to make their home in our chimney.  I was so sad because I didn’t want the honeybees to be killed, but I didn’t want risk our death because of fumes from the furnace building up.  We actually ended up with someone who enticed the bees out of the chimney.  We had a chimney professionally clean the chimney, and we able to start up our furnace without causing any harm to the honey bees.  I think they are still around, but somehow they have decided to make their home in some abandoned hand made bird nests.  I didn’t know it was possible, until we saw the honey dripping to the ground.


College Classroom Air Conditioning

I am seriously thinking of taking most of my classes online for my second semester of college. I am just losing my patience over the constant HVAC issues that my school has on a weekly basis. It amazes me how much tuition we pay for the lack of decent amenities. It really hit me this last winter. I live in a four season college town. It can get bitterly cold in the winter months and overly heated during the spring and summer months. Without proper heating and air conditioning, going to class can be an awful nightmare to contend with. This past winter, I had three classes in the same lecture hall. It was nearly below zero outside and the classroom air conditioner was on full blast! The air vents were spread out throughout the classroom and there was just no way to escape the cold blasts coming down on a regular basis. This school wouldn’t allow you to bring any type of food or beverage into the classrooms, so even a hot cup of coffee wouldn’t soothe my cold. I can’t tell you how many times the student body complained to the head offices, but nothing was ever done. To make matters so much worse, when you walk the hallways of the college the heat was so high that you felt like you were right in the middle of a heat wave! I was so over the constant heating and air conditioning torture they were putting us through that my studies were really suffering for it. I needed to find a solution and fast!

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Radiant Flooring Installation

I have been battling with my husband for years to get a better heating system for our old house. We insisted on buying an old Victorian in the heart of the city with every intention of fixing it up. Well, once we moved in, both of our careers just took off and there wasn’t enough time in a day to breathe let alone re-do an entire house. We spent so much time at work or at social events, that we just didn’t realize how badly our home needed to be repaired and fixed up. Then an absolute brutal winter hit that was totally unusual for our city. I am here to say climate change surely does exist, I have felt it in every way when we go from perfectly mellow weather to the low teens in a city like ours! We realized we needed to do something fast to remedy our cold, so we called out the HVAC local technician to do an assessment of our old home. We were hoping that they could even do an installment this week, once we decided on the right heating plan. He told us that with our old model of Victorian and the extensive hardwood flooring throughout the three-story house, that he was sure Radiant Floor Heating was going to be the perfect answer to solve our heating issues. They would just have to lift up the floorboards and install piping that would heat the water. Thus, the heat would very slowly come up through the floorboards and heat the entire home in a much more efficient way, than a more expensive traditional heating and cooling system.

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Weekend HVAC Blast

Last weekend was the first time I actually had some time to myself for about three months. I wish I could have used that time in order to have some fun, but I unfortunately had a lot of stuff to do around the house. I had a door that needed to be replaced, some painting that needed to be done, and an air filter that needed to be changed. Since the air filter was the easiest thing in my “to do: list, I tackled that project first. It didn’t take long to change out an air filter, but I liked to take my time and clean out the HVAC system a little every time I changed it. After I changed the filter and cleaned out the ductwork that I could actually get my hands on, my air conditioner started making a weird noise. I hoped I hadn’t jostled anything important while I was changing the air filter. I went over to the thermostat to shut down my cooling system. Once the noise had stopped, I went over to the compressor to take a look. I couldn’t find anything obviously wrong with my HVAC system, but I’m not an expert. I decided to call an expert HVAC technician to come do a quick inspection. I wanted to get my painting and door repair done. I wasn’t going to waste any more of my own time on the air conditioner. I’d leave it to the expert! The HVAC technician showed up within the hour and found the problem rather quickly. It had nothing to do with the air filter change. It was just a coincidence!


Caravan of HVAC Repair

The southern part of the country just recently battled two major hurricanes. Now that the storms were over, people were flooding down there to help. It was amazing to see so many pull together in order to help those who are suffering. In addition to all the food and supplies that were being trucked down there, a large group of people were on their way to offer HVAC system repairs for the elderly. When big storms come, they not only knock out the electricity, they can completely destroy people’s heating and cooling systems. A few friends of mine decided to drive down there to help the elderly by repairing their broken cooling systems. I decided to join them. I was extremely handy with tools, and I had a heart to help. The devastation we saw was unreal! It was such an amazing joy, however, to see the smiling faces of the elderly as we repaired their broken HVAC systems though. Without a working HVAC system, a lot of people can develop illnesses. This cooling system dilemma mainly Affects the older population, but younger people with breathing difficulties can suffer tremendously from a broken air conditioner as well. My friends and I traveled from city to city in an old truck, and we must have fixed about 150 HVAC systems over the course of 4 weeks. That was such an amazing time. I will never forget that HVAC system repair trip as long as I live. If another tragic storm strikes next year, I will be right on the front lines to help with any heating and cooling system needs.

ac installation

The ac device needs to be set up

Not too long ago, I purchased a brand updated air conditioning unit for $4k. I was so proud of myself for saving up money and getting an innovative A/C. I used the A/C all over the summer and I was so happy. Then the moment fall and winter arrived, I had to turn to my propane gas furnace instead, and leave the A/C on its own. As it became spring and summer again, I went out back to examine my air conditioner. I unexpectedly found the AC was toppled over and in bad shape. Apparently, the HVAC installer didn’t properly secure the A/C system into position. The unit wouldn’t even start. It looked as if some wires had been detached whenever the system fell over. I called out the HVAC installer and he rushed over, apologizing profusely. I wasn’t positive whether or not I should be mad and threaten him or wait for him to try to make an offer. He was an exceedingly nice guy, and he said that he’ll secure the A/C to mounting brackets, fix the broken wiring, and clean up any other damages he found free of charge to me. He then offered five years of free tune ups in turn for not complaining to the better business bureau and also for staying off social networking. I told him that I’d agree if he would toss in free repairs if anything goes wrong with the A/C for the next four years as well. We shook hands, and he went along on his way,

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Wanting to be a HVAC provider

I am very happy to announce that my business partner and I want to officially open our new heating systems, cooling, and ventilation (HVAC) business in this next month or so. In our meantime, we are working on preparing the budget and crunching the figures before our official launch. Being professional HVAC technicians, we know a lot about HVAC technology and what kinds of customers we can expect to deal with, in addition to how to price competitively. The single thing we’re not too positive about is branding and marketing strategy. How much branding and marketing is really required for an HVAC corporation? A logo is probably a good option and we do plan on developing a professional, easy to use website, but do we want to go as far as getting uniforms and billboards and ads in the local paper? I know for sure we have to get our phone number well advertised so people know who to call just in case of a severe HVAC problem. I am looking at making refrigerator magnets and driving them out to a few local churches and community events. I’d like to enhance our searchability on google also so that when people search for HVAC companies in my town, we are number one. However, I don’t intend on getting overboard with marketing because I still wish to impersonate the small, unique, honest HVAC company that we unquestionably are. I think the very best approach would be to focus on improving our reputation one customer by one, getting some solid reviews on our social networking and Yelp pages, and then focusing on branding as time goes on.

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