Postponing move for HVAC

Once I hit the age of eighteen, I was determined to claim my independence. I already had a job with a steady income, even if it was just in retail, and I found a nice place that was actually in walking distance of my workplace and only a half hour drive from where my parents lived. It was within my budget and I was really excited to get settled in! However the landlord did inform me that the air conditioning was in need of some repairs and the HVAC maintenance appointment he had scheduled with the HVAC company that took care of his properties wouldn’t be completed for two weeks. I had the opportunity to move in right away but, with it being summer, I talked it over with my parents and made the decision to stay at home a little longer while we waited for the HVAC repairs to be completed. Waiting on the HVAC system to be fixed gave me a little extra time to get my things in order and really plan out my budget for once I was moved into my new apartment. And another benefit to the wait is that the two week wait for the HVAC company put us into a new month, which allowed me to save a month of rent! I wouldn’t have been able to do that if the apartment had been ready right away without needing the HVAC maintenance. Living two weeks without AC in the summer wouldn’t have pleasant if I had moved in right away, but I could have done it if I needed it; I’m definitely glad I didn’t have to though! My parents were really understanding of the situation and were glad to have me at home for just a little while longer.