New furnace and fire department

I knew getting into it that purchasing a new furnace was going to be a costly experience, but I didn’t expect it to be such an exciting one! And not exciting in the good way but really it was no one’s fault and in the end not a big deal. Where to begin – well, there was the new furnace. I was having a lot of renovations done to my home to get the building up to date on some of the more modern home amenities and decided to have the entire old HVAC system replaced. This included getting a new AC and furnace which ended up being two separate units rather than one combined HVAC unit. The air conditioner installation went by without any problems and even included a free ductwork cleaning service to make sure everything was in top shape. With the furnace, however, a problem arose. The HVAC technician was very professional about the entire installation and kept me updated on their progress, which I really appreciated. I don’t know much about heating and air conditioning myself but it was nice that he tried to explain everything in a way I could understand. Of course, it still went over my head for the most part, but that’s beside the point! Anyways, the installation itself went without a hitch. It wasn’t until the new furnace was turned on for the first time that we were in for a surprise – some oil from the furnace began to burn, setting off my smoke alarms! My smoke alarm automatically called the fire department, despite there being no real danger, and before long a fire truck was outside my house checking in on the emergency! Thankfully the HVAC technician had stuck around and explained to the firemen what the situation was, and the day ended with me having my brand new furnace in place.