Hurricanes and HVAC Techs

It seemed that my area of the country was just getting pummelled with storm after storm this season. I lived in a section of the nation where we saw a lot of hurricanes every year. Luckily, they weren’t that bad most of the time. This year we got rattled slightly more than usual, but it was nothing that couldn’t be handled. I am an HVAC technician by profession, so I saw a lot of repair work so far this season. After the first storm hit us a few weeks ago, I must have had about 40 HVAC system repair calls for the first two weeks after! I was called out to fix everything from broken thermostats, faulty furnaces, stubborn air conditioners, and cracked ductwork. Money was not going to be an issue for me for quite a while. It was sad to see so many people have to shell out money for HVAC system repairs, but it’s to be expected when you live in the path of regular hurricanes. Luckily, not too many people were hurt during the storm. HVAC system repairs could be a major pain, but at least it’s something to easily recover from! I looked at my profession as an HVAC technician as a sort of calling. I was good at ot, and it was a way to help people and make money at the same time. Hopefully the next storm will not be bad. I’ll be ready for it with my HVAC system expertise if needed though! I thankfully had a few days off this week to prepare just in case.

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