Filing in the Cold

I had a big task ahead of me last weekend. I am not the most organized person in the world, and my lack of skills in this area ended up costing me a lot of money. Once I regrouped and got my head back on straight after much financial wrangling, I decided to go through every bit of paperwork in my possession. I needed to get organized. As I sat there going through ancient papers, I came across the warranty for my HVAC system. My eyes brightened up immediately. My furnace had just stopped working the day before, and I couldn’t afford any kind of HVAC system repair. According to this HVAC system warranty, however, my heating and cooling system was still under guarantee! I must have yelled out in joy so loudly that my neighbors could hear me. I jumped up from my seat to call the HVAC business that supplied the original service. After I gave the owner all of my information, I was happily informed that I was still covered by the warranty. As we discussed the issue with my furnace, he informed me that an HVAC technician could be there as early as the following Monday. I happily agreed and continued on with my day. It took me a few more hours of filing, but I finally got my papers organized. It was still freezing cold because of the lack of a working furnace, but that problem would be solved very soon! Monday rolled around, the HVAC technician showed up, and my furnace was fixed for free!

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