AC on the flight

My last flight on a plane was far different than what I expected. Let me start by saying that I love plane rides. I bring a book, sweatshirt, and my headphones. I sit in my little seat and allow myself to enter a nice, peaceful zone. I basically keep to myself. In every past flight I’ve had, I have always been cold. That was why I am always sure to wear pants and hoodies into the airport in preparation for the flight itself. Of course, the airports themselves are usually freezing as well, but that’s another story. Anyway, the most recent flight I went on was shocking, but in a good way. The flight wasn’t cold at all! Actually, the cabin was more on the warm side. I was excited. I tucked my hoodie away under my seat, excited by the fact that I actually wouldn’t need it. I’m always comfortable on planes because I come prepared, but it was nice to find comfort without any extra help from my usual set of outerwear. I enjoyed the flight reading a good chunk of my book and listening to all of my favorite songs. I was thankful for the A/C on that flight, or rather the lack thereof. Hopefully future flights will be a little more like that last one, although I’ll still bring my sweatshirt with me just in case. It’s a nice occasion to be greeted by a normal temperature on a plane, but it’s a rare one nonetheless.

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