Wishing I had my own HVAC

What is it about taking a cruise that makes it so widely considered as one of the finest forms of leisure? I honestly don’t understand what exactly appeals to people about being able to eat from endless buffets of food, which sit out endlessly, all day and night. The constant availability of live entertainment on board the ship is tiresome. The worst part of the cruise experience, in my opinion, is how they make the staterooms just unbearable. I assume they think you will be spending all of your time out on the ship, but what about those who, like me, like to have some quiet time? That would be me. I only took this cruise for my husband. Personally, I hate the confined spaces and processed air. I sit here, day after day, inside my tiny little room, with no personal HVAC system to speak of. For some reason, the cruise line thinks they know better than me how I’d like my HVAC settings set for my comfort. They go as far to program the thermostat for all hours of the night with some crazy hot and cold environments. I am not sure how they come up with these heating and air conditioning patterns, but no one has asked me what I like. I think I have the hardest time with just not being able to control my own thermostat. My lungs dry out so fast while using the processed air, and I just yearn for our next stop in the nearest port so I can get off the ship for a short time and breathe in some normal air. No more cruises for me and my husband after this!

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