Using the ac with the kids


         I would prefer for my kids to enjoy nature perhaps as much as I do. I like to go hiking and camping as frequently as I possibly can, so I would like to instill that nature love in them as well. When they are at a certain age, I will take them all on a great camping trip and teach them everything I have learnt. I can’t even guess what they will think about the experience, when they have spent so little time out and about. They are used to being in a air-conditioned house 24/7. I hope that they will have a good time, even though there is no way I can possibly bring along any sort of cooling system on the adventure.   

           I was a kid when my pops took me camping, and what took the most adjustment having no air conditioner. I suppose that will be se in their case too. If they can accept the idea that there will be no thermostat to improve the temperature, they will probably have a great time. I plan on taking them swimming in the river, hiking, and letting them cook their own food over the fire. I think that they will become long-term nature lovers, once they have an appreciation of the outdoors instilled inside them early on in life.

            I think that they will appreciate this ultimately. I know that I appreciate my pops taking me out into the wilderness when I was young. He made me think about things that were important from an early age, and I only grew because of it.

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