The taxi’s A/C control

I’m not just a taxi driver, I’m a madman behind the wheel! When people step into our cab, I let them guess that I drive fast, and a little recklessly, but that I’ve never once been in a vehicle accident, occasionally people get right back out of our cab, and that’s okay, because when someone digs our moves, they come back for more rides. After a while, it’s not even about going somewhere, it’s just about taking a long, fast drive up the coast, and I have a spacious, comfortable cab, with a massive back seat, and I have found a lot of people appreciate enjoying speeding down the highway at breakneck speeds, as long as I have fine songs and powerful A/C. At these speeds, driving with the windows down is not a fine idea, so I need a fine air conditioning system plan to make sure our patrons stay nice and cool even at the highest speeds. Music is also pressing to have, but more and more people carry their songs with them all the time, either on their iPhone or tablet, but no a single can carry an air conditioner around with them, however, until they invent an app that delivers A/C, I will still need to provide that for our riders. It’s gotten so that I don’t even need to go look for fares any longer, I can just work by appointment, which gives me extra time to keep our cab interior detailed, and the car’s Heating as well as Air Conditioning plan operating perfectly, then without this air conditioner, I think our supplier would be split in half.

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