Loving ac for the first time

We are about to move into a brand new house, in a new area. We have lived in our current house for the past four years. I really love the weather in our current city, and I am rather anxious about how I will feel about the severe climate change when we move next week. I love the cool weather here. We very rarely need to make use of our air conditioner where we are located now. In the winter I operate my gas furnace tons, but I enjoy the cold temperature. We are moving further down south, and the weather will be quite pleasant. I will have to ensure that our new home has a great air conditioning system, as well as a heater. We may have to use the air conditioning system far more than we do in our current home. The winter season can be much shorter than it is here now so we will not need to operate whatever kind of heating system our new house has. I am worried that I will not enjoy the weather there like I do here. I am just not a big fan of the summers, and it gets much hotter down south. I guess it will be something that I must adjust to. My husband got a different job, which is the reason we are moving, so I won’t be able to just pack up and leave when I am not completely happy with our new residence. I hope we have an HVAC company in our new town so they can go to our new house and make sure there’s a good working HVAC system put in, before we move in.

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