Hotel radiant flooring system

I had to go to a last-minute conference for work. The event will keep us away for an entire week, so of course, I wasn’t at all thrilled about it! I had just recently returned from a prior conference, and I hadn’t even been to my apartment for 7 straight days yet and those youngsters of mine are missing me like crazy, as well as my husband and I wanted some alone time. I did request a replacement, however, as the Director of Marketing, it is my job to speak at these type of events.  Since I wasn’t happy about the travelling, my office put me up in a  nice hotel, since I complained so much about being away. It was a beautiful four Diamond hotel, right in the heart of the city. I received an upgraded suite, which had some pretty nice amenities. On top of the separate family room area, there was a master suite and master bathroom fit for a king. The tiled bathroom had a huge stall shower as well as it was fitted with a giant tub with wonderful spa jets. I almost took two baths a day, it felt so good. One of the more modern aspects of this beautiful washroom was the hydronic heating. There wasn’t one floor that did not have hydronic heating, and I used a small dial to control the temperature of the heat. I would simply adjust the dial, to feel the warmth in the washroom from the floor up. I felt something like a king in this suite, especially with the lavish features. Upon my return, I soon began talking to my husband about getting our own hydronic flooring. Fortunately, I got a big bonus check that quarter, so the two of us used the money to remodel our washroom. The master bath got hydronic flooring as well as a beautiful, new marble shower. My husband and kids were thrilled at the upgrades and also happy to have me home for more than a day at a time!

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