Easter a/c use

Year after year my church hosts an Easter egg hunt. It’s the largest one with the county, and we have people driving in from everywhere partake in the event. It’s great way to spread the word about  our church, even if we use a little flair and showmanship to accomplish this. Last year we hired a helicopter hover over the field behind the church and drops eggs from it. That was a blast! This year was very different, because a major storm had hit our town the night before. The field was completely flooded so we decided to move the egg hunt into the church but didn’t think the central HVAC system could handle it. Our church is reasonably large, with a very powerful air conditioning system installed. Normally this is much more AC than we needed to keep the entire congregation cool.  However, with so many extra families coming to our event, the building will be filled to it’s full capacity, it might overload the our air conditioning unit and leave us with a very expensive repair problem.  When everyone began to arrive, we had zero choice but to open the doors and let everyone in, regardless of what HVAC system problems it might cause us later. Ultimately, it has not been a bad experience, and the children had a wonderful time, but the air filters and dehumidifiers could not keep up with the crowd, which made the indoor air quality humid, damp and very disgusting.

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