Solar Farm Living Pro’s and Con’s

I live on a solar farm. That was not intentional in any way. I began to rent a house on a friend’s property where he had multiple rentals and by the course of a year he had completely gone solar. It wasn’t as bad as it sounds. It was pretty amazing to see all that he could accomplish with solar usage from cooking to actually heating and cooling devices. We even had solar powered showers! But, when the weather was not good and the sun went down fast, often we would run out of energy. In the kitchen we had a wood burning stove for heat. I was not the biggest fan of the fire building, I admit. It heated ok for the most part, but I run pretty cold all of the time. I secretly had a rolling portable electric heater that I often took from room to room to heat the space I was working in. I just couldn’t stand being cold and the stove just didn’t generate enough heat. In the summer months, I nearly died of the heat outside. The ceiling fans just weren’t going to cut it when it came to needing to cool down. I finally told him I was looking at moving. He was stunned that I was that connected to my HVAC unit, but he didn’t want to lose me either. So, he suggested I get one portable electric air conditioner for the window and use it sparingly. He finally understood that not everyone could be on board with his minimalist ways and needed an HVAC system to cover their heating and air conditioning needs.