Smart thermostat

My husband and I have been married for a little over two years. It’s just us two, and as of now we don’t plan on adding to our family just yet. Although i do want a few children someday. As of now, it’s so hard to even think about having kids because i travel 90% of the time for my job. I honestly really love my job, and i think it is cool that i am in a billion places for ‘work’ because the time flies by, and it doesn’t really make me think that i am ‘working’ since i love it so much. One thing that i cannot stand because i travel so much is that our HVAC is constantly running even if no one is home. No matter if it is during the winter or during the summer, our system runs constantly so when i do get home the house is up to the temperature i want it at. My husbands work schedule is so unpredictable, that he can’t even turn the HVAC system on or off in fear that i may be home one of those days and return to a super cold or hot house. We did have a house sitter to change our temperature for us but she was so unreliable that it isn’t worth the money we were paying her. We decided to invest in a smart thermostat so now i can adjust the temperature myself off of my smart phone no matter where i am! When i arrive at the airport, i can change it to be up to the correct temperature before i get back home. This is one of the best things we had ever bought, and we sure do get our use out of it.