Power outage

A few weeks ago there were some terrible thunderstorms in my area, and a tree fell on the power line near my house. I was without power for several days, so I had to find ways to get by until the utility company was able to get the line fixed. I had to move all my food to coolers so that it wouldn’t spoil, and it was a real chore making sure that it didn’t get too warm.I was pretty miserable at times without an air conditioner. I never realized how much I used my HVAC system until I didn’t have it. It happened to be abnormally warm that week, so staying cool and comfortable was not easy. Having to rely on fans and just opening windows to keep the circulation going made me really miss my air conditioner. I have never been someone who considers himself to be overly dependent on technology and home appliances, but the power outage change that a bit. I now realize that I need an HVAC system in my home to stay comfortable, and without power, life becomes much more challenging. Luckily, the power was on again after a few days, and I was able to resume my normal life. Hopefully we won’t have to deal with any major storms again in the near future. I would really hate to have to go through another major power outage. Being able to adjust my thermostat and get the air conditioner running is one of the most comforting things now. I hope the bad weather stays away.

a/c technician