Family reunion cooling prep

I am very much looking forward to the big family reunion this year. I am hosting it, so it will be a lot of working and preparation to get ready for my big family, but I am very excited for it. There are seven sisters, three brothers, a handful of cousins, and then all of their individual families. At the last reunion there were a hundred of us, and this time should be just as big. They will all be staying in local hotels, but during the day we will all be at my sprawling country home. After the debacle at the last reunion, when my sister’s home HVAC system went out leaving all of us in 90 degree heat all day, I am taking it seriously. I already had a heating and cooling repair company send out a technician. She went over my entire central cooling system from top to bottom and wall to wall. I even had to crawl up into the attic to inspect all the air ducts that hadn’t been checked on in a few years. With so many people crammed into my house, and the doors being opened and closed all day, it will put particular strain on the HVAC equipment so I need it all in tip-top shape. Also, there is the matter of indoor air quality. No one will be allowed to smoke in my house, but there are some smokers who will already stink of smoke, so I need the air filters to keep my house filled with fresh, pure filtered air.

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