AC broke in summer

Want to know one of the worst things that happened to my husband and I this past summer? I didn’t realize how much we relied on our air conditioning throughout the summer. It’s something that we have always had and we take it for granted each day that it ran and worked perfectly. One day, in the middle of summer when the temperatures were extremely high and hot, our HVAC system decided to stop working. We had no idea why, because we continually kept it running in the summer time and have never had this problem. We were in a panic, and the house started to get warm and humid. It was the worst feeling ever. My husband picked up his phone and called our local HVAC company to see if they had any openings for us right now. Shockingly the guy said that someone cancelled his appointment so he had an opening right this moment and he would be over within 30 mins. We were so happy we were finally gonna find out why this happened, but i started wondering how much this was going to cost us financially. The HVAC tech arrived at our house, and i’ve never been so happy to see him! After looking around our HVAC system, and taking a few things apart he found that the fan inside the system that blows air in and out of our home’s vents is extremely filthy. The fan was clogged by dirt which caused it to stop spinning. After finding this out we didn’t even know that we should clean our HVAC system. He cleaned it for us, thankfully.

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