why you do regular HVAC repairs

I am easily fortunate that I am able to work from home.  My entire task is handled online allowing me to work from nearly anywhere.  Despite this flexibility I need to be structured in the time I dedicate to the workload I accomplish.  I spend the majority of my mornings in my living room, wearing sweatpants, drinking sweet tea.  I bought a luxurious swivel chair, a large hardwood desk, and I listen to my favorite playlists.  I have set up my living room to be as comfortable as possible while eliminating distractions.  I don’t check my texts, answer the phone, or worry about the laundry while I am working.  One of the biggest yet most important investments I’ve made was the update to my HVAC system.  I discovered that it is nearly impossible to be productive when I’m either shivering or perspiring.  Continually leaving my desk to mess with the thermostat has also wasted a tremendous amount of time.  Although it cost me a small fortune, I updated to a modern, variable-speed furnace plus central air conditioning with zone control and smart thermostat.  The smart thermostat is connected through wireless and it allows me to make adjustments to temperature and air quality from my laptop or phone.  The zone control provides the ability to personalize my comfort in my office without paying to heat or cool an entire empty home to the ideal temperature.  This not only ensures my comfort it also saves me quite a bit of cash.  The variable-speed heating plus cooling components also trim my utility costs.  The component is able to adapt its speed to changing demands running at much lower capacity for longer cycles.  This eliminates temperature fluctuations, optimizes energy efficiency, plus it reduces sound levels.

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