My job has no HVAC

For the last couple of years I had a work gig in an industrial warehouse along the waterfront.  The actual building was enormous! Our job was to take shipments in, store inventory, and send shipments out.  I liked the simplicity of the task.  I coordinated the shipments, kept track of the inventory, handled the paperwork, plus schedule the guys who operated the immense machinery.  One of the major downsides of the task was the lack of a heating or A/C system.  In the warm season going without air conditioner wasn’t too bad.  All of us kept the immense bay doors open so the heat merely rose up toward the ceiling.  Inside the metal building it was fairly cool.  Although the air coming off the water smelled a bit fishy, the employees managed.  Once the outside temperature dropped the gig became much more of a challenge.  That enormous warehouse was chilly and the air coming off the ocean made it worse.  Because we needed to consistently open the bay doors, there simply was no escape from the bitter cold.  At times I bundled up in several layers that I could not do my task effectively.  There was no chance of running a heating plan in the main warehouse, because of the size of the space.  All of us did have small space furnaces set up in the breakroom. The employees would crowd around those furnaces whenever possible.  I eventually quit at the warehouse in favor of undoubtedly working in an office with temperature control.  Although the task is more stressful it is so nice to have access to a working heating plus cooling system.

HVAC machine