Dream heater is hydronic heating

If I had the choice of any kind of furnace, I would most certainly purchase a hydronic heating system.  I would put in a boiler system which would not only handle the heating of our condo, but also warm our pool, supply snowmelt in our driveway, plus keep our water heater warm.  I would love to acquire radiant flooring throughout our condo.  I would happily get rid of all the carpeting that creates the ideal environment for dust bunnies to live.  There would be no chilly spots in our condo, due to the radiant flooring extends from wall to wall plus corner to corner.  There would be zero unpleasant temperature changes, because the heat rises legitimately slowly and creates more comfort.  And because the warmth is infused rather than blown in, there’s no abrupt gusts of warm air plus no influx of dust and other things.  I wouldn’t need to sacrifice expensive section to HVAC duct or deal with the service and energy losses coupled with forced air heating.  Instead, I would rely on an energy efficient, dependable, and long lasting boiler.  Typical boilers are attractively compact, easily silent, and tend to last for a truly long time.  Pretty often, the only reason a boiler needs to be changed out, is because the replacement parts are no longer used.  Boilers are extremely useful, providing convenient zone control, which helps to trim energy usage.   With separate control equipment in each room, the temperature is controlled independently, so there’s no need to heat an unused space.  And the control equipment in each room accommodates personal preference plus the recognizable demands at any given time.