Picking out the right cooling filter

Nothing is going right for me this week, and i woke up this day to realize I was completely out of cat food, then I noticed I had no pop for my day cup. To top it off, my a/c’s air filter was nasty. I hoped that I had the cleanable kind, but nope. I had to get a new a/c filter too this week, then so after this hard morning I went to the store to get all that I needed. I ended up forgetting if it was catfood or conditioner that I needed and guessed wrong. I could not find the pop I enjoy best either. I also could not decide on the air filter to buy. I thought buying an air filter would be kind of similar to getting milk. I pictured only a couple of possibilities of styles and sizes. I was so very wrong! You can get a washable filter, fiberglass, plexiglass, HEPA or a familiar air filter. The many air filters holes also are different sizes. Small holes mean greater  indoor air pollen levels, and bigger  holes do not need to be taken out of your Heating & A/C device as much. So which size hole is the best? Also the real a/c filter is different in sizes. Of course I did not even bring my dirty air filter with me. I just had to feel on the size of the filter. I then just got  a random hole size. Then I decided on buying a washable filter. I brought my new filter back home and then realized I had the terribly wrong size and my Heating & A/C device is not able to take a simple  washable filter.

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