heating at the home

When I started studying how to play the piano a few long years ago, I had no method how I would use what talent I simply had! I just wanted to learn an up-to-date skill and have something that I enjoyed doing on my very own, then as it turned out, I have been able to use that awesome skill on many possibilities to help others. Recently, I was able to play some songs for some of our Grandmother’s friends in a local nursing home, then they loved to hear the sweet piano played, although I did not play that well. I played some older classical music, a few pieces from older motion picture soundtracks, and then a lot of classic hymns. They loved the hymns best. I have been back there at least once a month since that day to play for them all. The 1 thing that I have to get ready for that I did not actually know about was the higher settings on the place’s thermostat. I am used to being nicely air conditioned and cool all day, however here in the local nursing home, the residents could not deal with the cold air conditioning. The thermostat is always set way higher than what I am accustomed to, and the first time I went to the place, I was wearing a moderate jacket dress and high  boots! I was swiftly dripping with sweat, partly from the lack of any  air conditioning, and partly from the fright of playing in front of so many more people! Now, I prepare for the lack of air conditioning by wearing summer style short sleeves and sandals, even if the weather is very cool outside! Now, I am amazingly  comfortable as I perform for the older residents.