allergy relief and air quality

My 8-year-old son, Bob, suffers from dire flu symptom complications.  While the Spring season is the absolute worst, he deals with respiratory problems all year round.  Everything from gross dust and dander, to pollen, unhealthy smoke, mold and leaves can cause Bob to have difficulty breathing.  He deals with itchy eyes, sore throat, sneezing, headaches, and congestion on a continual basis.  Because of this, I’ve done everything possible to keep our home very clean and healthy.  I’ve gotten rid of all of the old carpets in the house.  I launder the bed linens in boiling water every 3 weeks, replace the pillows every 3 months, and scrub with antibacterial products.  I have enrolled in a maintenance agreement with a local Heating and A/C corporation, which includes regular repair for the gas furnace and a/c.  A corporation inspects, cleans and fixes the gas furnace in the fall, and the cooling system in the Spring.  He removes the great accumulation of contaminants and uses chemicals to prevent the growth of terrible mold, mildew and bacteria.  This not only keeps the heating and cooling component working at top efficiency, however it promotes healthier indoor air conditions.  I have also invested in a whole-home air purification system, which gets installed directly into the existing heating and cooling system.  The air purification system operates all year round, filtering the indoor air numerous times per afternoon.  The air purification system not only nicely traps airborne pollutants, however it also kills harmful microorganisms.  The machine operates quietly, requires low maintenance, and keeps our home much cleaner and fresher.  It also protects the heating and cooling component from the vast accumulation of dust and debris within the machinery workings.  

air quality