A/C is kind

I live in the deep south, plus I have lived here in the south since I was very young, even though I was born in a small town in the north… Because I moved here at such a young age, I have l gained plus lived with a lot of southern customs plus traditions. There is no custom that little women are taught any more than the 1 that says you should always be nice and kind. Bless my heart… Anyway, I have always tried to live right by the motto of being kind, plus most of the time I do alright however sometimes, though, I find myself falling way short of my goal, however especially when there is no a/c. Being too hot down here in the south can put a major kink in your attitude faster than anything, so the most pressing appliance in any southern house is the cooling system! It doesn’t matter if you employ central a/c, a few window cooling systems, a newer modern Heating and A/C system like mini split ductless a/c, or whatever, however what truly matters is that you are cool plus collected enough to be the kindest person you know how to be. When a southern person is all sweaty plus feeling terribly  faint from the heat, she is usually incapable of looking out for the well being of others. At least, that is true in my own case. I am meaner than a goat when I am not under a ceiling fan on the front porch or enjoying my sweet tea while lounging near an air vent. So, if you meet a southern little lady plus she is not exactly too friendly, you can entirely blame it on her lack of passable a/c. Bless her lovely heart.

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