The theater cooling system

My kids had a rare Friday off from university. The educators were having a service afternoon, in order to prepare the report cards for the previous period. I thought it would be a nice time to take the kids to a movie like when they were young, because it was a honestly warm afternoon outside. It was uncommonly warm & humid outside, & the kids were complaining. It seemed prefer the good time to see an indoor movie, & I wanted to have a break. Both of us got to the theater for an afternoon matinee, & obtained some drinks & nachos. The kids were honestly hyper & ready to see the movie. When all of us walked into our designated theater, the A/C system was not turned on yet. Both of us were a few minutes early for the show, so I assumed the A/C system was not engaged. I told the kids to stand down & behave, & to stop complaining so much about the indoor air pollen levels. When the reviews started & the lights went down, the A/C system had still not been turned on. It was beginning to assume uncomfortable in the theater, because more and more people were beginning to arrive. I told my guys to stand still, & I went to speak to an employee about the A/C. I spoke with the girl at the concession stand, & informed her of the problem in theater six. She apologized about the problem with the A/C, & offered to retrieve a manager for me. When the manager came out to talk with me, she apologized for the confusion. She told myself and the kids that they had forgot to turn on the A/C system, however that it was now running.

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