Spa time and a/c device

I had the bright proposal of creating a spa in our hometown. The spa has been nothing however a pain in the neck. Nothing seems to go right for me. I suppose our main complication is that I tried to cut corners as well as saved some of my money. I purchased clearance massage tables as well as then realized the tables are too small. Unless I am massaging midgets, nobody could fit on the tables. I purchased chairs to do facials as well as face peels on ebay. The chairs are bright green as well as terrifically ugly. Nobody will recognize relaxed resting in something that is neon green. The worst problem is our troubles with our cooling system. Of course I purchased a less than satisfactory air conditioner system. AC is overpriced as well as I could not afford central air conditioner. I desired a ductless mini split air conditioner, however again it was too much. So I just purchased a small portable air conditioner device. That portable AC is going to lose me all of our customers. First the AC proposal decided to make sounds that resembled a dying moose. Then the air conditioner started blowing out dust air as well as making all the people sneeze, however now our AC proposal decides when it wants to work as well as not turn on. Some days I have cooling, as well as some days I am too hot. Not having AC at a spa is not too great. A spa is supposed to relax customers. Cooling is super necessary for this! Everyone wants temperature control so they can be comfy. I can’t even supply that. I should have just started a gym or a hair salon. A spa is too hard.

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