HVAC technology while going camping

A neighbor of mine considers himself inventor of all sorts. There seems to be nothing she won’t try to create for the better of life. Well, she thinks it is for the betterment of life, periodically they are just the most ridiculous & hysterical inventions that never get finished. But, this year she is onto something neat that is right up my alley. I am not the largest fan of camping, I prefer a nice hike on any afternoon & making bonfires is my absolute favorite. It’s the tenting & being chilly chilly at evening, that I am no huge fan of. So, this current invention would allow myself and others to camp with her way more comfortable & a whole lot less complaining. She is trying to invent a portable heating system run on both batteries & on solar energy. It does seem a little dangerous to have a small heating system in an enclosed tent, however since I am incredibly adverse to being very cold, I support her system of portable heaters! Heck, if she can also figure out how to invent a portable a/c for the dead of Summer camping, I would be much more happy! She fashioned a device with rather complicated mechanisms first with the solar panel. The heating system needed to stay in the sunlight all afternoon, in order for it to labor all evening in tent. So, if there was no sunlight during your Wintertime trip, then you are going to be in big trouble for sure. When all of us tried it out that evening, and it worked amazing! The tent was so toasty warm that I fell right to sleep. The only negative was that when the chilly dawn broke, the heating system was all but dead from using all the stored up solar energy. I assume she needs to figure out the battery back-up version next!

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