Heater and AC cleaning it up

My girl I love to go out to the dance clubs. In fact, we go more than a few times per week. On the weekends, it goes without saying that we’re at a club and even when we’re not, we dance around at home. We like to dance and learn new moves together! I must say that after a lot of dancing, it entirely helps to turn up the a/c. Sometimes I wonder what both of us would do without our heating and cooling systems, and there’s more enjoyable than dancing all night, especially in a competition setting. All of us call that a dance off… Whoever has the best moves and impresses the audience the most takes home the crown. Well, both of us often are on the winning side because we have a lot of talent. After a lot of dancing, I love to get a cut and rest in front of an air vent in order to keep cool. I love the cool refreshing air from the air conditioning blowing on me. It’s also great when both of us go back to our apartment for the night and get to relax in our nice air conditioned apartment. We have a great HVAC set up in that tiny apartment. I actually make sure the Heating and A/C plan is worked on seasonally and I change the air filters myself, and I only use top notch quality. I also had an media air cleaner installed within our apartment so both of us get the cleanest, freshest air… My lady and I entirely do care a lot about our air quality and wish to stay fit and healthy. If both of us get sick, that means less time going out dancing.

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