Higher a/c for the house

I own a super outdated home that is sitting along the eastern coast of the country.  Because of that part of the house, temperature control is quite a difficult thing for me.  The house features harshly larger ceilings, a huge portion of big windows, and tiny walls.  The studs in the wall are turned an odd way to maximize space, which doesn’t allow for a large amount of insulation.  It also makes typical ductwork not an easy feat.  There is a boiler situated in the basement that provides heat through radiators that are set up in each of the rooms.  However the boiler and radiators are positively older, they do the job surprisingly well.  The system is fairly energy great, entirely good cash wise, and provides an abundance of warm air for our home.  The people I was with and I just need to be mindful not to touch the radiators because they become quite hot for your hands to touch. Having separate heaters in each room allows us to control the temperature on our own.  The people I was with and I aren’t meant to heat empty rooms and can adjust the temperature to our own preferences.  While the boiler will deal with the issue of temperature control throughout the Winter time period, it offers no opportunity of air conditioning in the house.  During the hot and humid times, the home became terribly warm and sticky.  I wanted to get in some type of cooling system without major changes to our home.