Getting a more efficient heater

When my Jane and I built our new house, Jane insisted that we install a big fireplace in the kitchen.  Jane liked the looks of it, and thought getting a fire would create a great atmosphere.  Jane insisted that the heater would take the locale of a more modern furnace and cost us nothing to heat the cons of the home.  I knew it was an error, and tried to talk her out of it.  Sadly, I could not chat with her, and now I’m wasting a fortune to set up new furnace.  Jane and I have lived in the home for multiple years, and the cold seasons have been a total nightmare.  Neither Jane nor I wants to spend our free time cutting down trees and splitting wood.  Even buying the wood from people is a big pain, but we absolutely can’t get out of wood in the middle of a blizzard.  My lady Lane hates it when we haul the wood through the house, because it creates a giant disaster.  Plus, the fire leads to smoke, dust, ash and smells.  The whole home has a smell of woodsmoke.  It’s nearly not possible to regulate the heat, so the home is either way too hot or cold.  Jane and I usually need to rest right up nearby to the fireplace to keep warm.  Keeping the hot air going is a nonstop jobs, and we take turns getting up in the middle of the evening to take mind of it.  Although we can’t honestly give to buy and install a boiler system in the lower level, I can’t wait to have an actual control unit to work with the temperature.  The boiler will be added to baseboard furnaces in each of the spaces, so that the heat will be evenly distributed.

electric furnace