Heating system for Black Friday

My mother and I love to go Black Friday shopping together every year. It’s become a tradition to wake up extremely early and spend the whole day long completing our Christmas shopping. There are some really amazing deals and we save quite a bit of money. In my area, the weather is usually cool but nice in late November. This past year, however, we experienced very cold conditions. The outside temperature dropped into the low thirties, and there was six inches of snow piled up on the ground. My mom and I were dressed up in sweaters, wool coats and winter boots for the shopping trip. We had to park a long ways from the mall entry, and the walk across that parking lot was extremely frosty. We were anxious to get into the warm building. Unfortunately, the mall had cranked the thermostat to the extreme, along with the stores which were all way overheated. We immediately had to remove our winter coats, and then were stuck carrying them all day. Because of the overuse of the heating system, we had to buy some tank tops to wear. With these massive HVAC supply vents all over the place, there was no escaping vast amount of heated air. As opposed to a pleasant experience, that browsing trip was pure torture. We were exhausted when we were through, and was actually a real relief to exit that overheated mall, and step out in the open, into the freezing cold and snow. I’m sure it cost a lot of money to run the heating system at that capacity at such a scorching temperature. It simply made many of the shoppers uncomfortable and all want to leave.

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