Air cleaners for baking

I like to bake cookies, cakes, breads and pies from scratch. It started out as just a hobby and gradually turned into my very own small business. Friends, family members, and neighbors have spread the news, and my baked goods are constantly sought after. To keep up, I’ve been required to expand my kitchen space along with updating all of my appliances. I tore out walls to combine the kitchen and dining room space in my home, installed extra cupboards and countertops, and invested in a nice commercial grade stove, refrigerator, dishwasher and mixing machine. Baking in the winter is absolutely not a huge problem, because it helps to keep the house toasty. Running the oven for hours on end in the summer, however, happens to be an issue. We had never bothered with air conditioning in the recent past, but the house was becoming terribly overheated in addition to feeling sticky. Opening windows and plugging in electric fans wasn’t a great way to combat heat from the oven. I hired an area HVAC contractor to install a central cooling system with zone control. This allows me to keep the kitchen cool at a lower temperature than the rest of the house, to offset the effects of my oven. There is also the case of the smells from all those things baking. Although baking pies together with cookies smells delicious, my family gets tired of living with it 7 days a week. I added a ventilation system which incorporated directly into my HVAC unit. The ventilator is just like opening a window, but minus the energy losses. It helps to shed excess humidity and odors, and additionally makes the indoor air quality a great deal better. I’m not sure I’ve sold enough baked goods to purchase all of these improvements, although I’m sure enjoying them very much.

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