AC just stopped on me

My passion for music was absolutely amazing. I spent the major component of my childhood submerged in popular music 24/7. My father was a drummer in the local band, and my mom was a violinist for the local orchestra. I had easily taken after my mom, and fell excited about classical music daily. I had the amazing privilege to become a composer! I was working on my current “masterpiece” when out of thin air my cooling system had a major breakdown. I’ll never forget it since I had been putting the finishing touches for the score, when the temperature had become unbearably hot. I had been so submerged inside my work that I didn’t hear the air conditioner go silent hours before. My thermostat showed that our indoor temperature had skyrocketed to 87 degrees by the time I checked it. My air conditioner must have stopped working hours before. It was terrible, because most of my own instruments were temperature sensitive. I also had a couple rare violins that needed special care. It was necessary to have a very precise heating and cooling system arrangement for these instruments. If that air conditioner was too cold, or the furnace too big, they could easily get ruined. I made a quick emergency call to my local HVAC technician and he soon came on the scene. He was very skilled and reliable technician, so I knew my cooling system would be functioning in no time. I was right! Muy instruments were unspent, and I was soon back to composing with a fully equipped air conditioner. My composition actually ended up becoming a best seller!

a/c component