Weekend HVAC Blast

Last weekend was the first time I actually had some time to myself for about three months. I wish I could have used that time in order to have some fun, but I unfortunately had a lot of stuff to do around the house. I had a door that needed to be replaced, some painting that needed to be done, and an air filter that needed to be changed. Since the air filter was the easiest thing in my “to do: list, I tackled that project first. It didn’t take long to change out an air filter, but I liked to take my time and clean out the HVAC system a little every time I changed it. After I changed the filter and cleaned out the ductwork that I could actually get my hands on, my air conditioner started making a weird noise. I hoped I hadn’t jostled anything important while I was changing the air filter. I went over to the thermostat to shut down my cooling system. Once the noise had stopped, I went over to the compressor to take a look. I couldn’t find anything obviously wrong with my HVAC system, but I’m not an expert. I decided to call an expert HVAC technician to come do a quick inspection. I wanted to get my painting and door repair done. I wasn’t going to waste any more of my own time on the air conditioner. I’d leave it to the expert! The HVAC technician showed up within the hour and found the problem rather quickly. It had nothing to do with the air filter change. It was just a coincidence!