College Classroom Air Conditioning

I am seriously thinking of taking most of my classes online for my second semester of college. I am just losing my patience over the constant HVAC issues that my school has on a weekly basis. It amazes me how much tuition we pay for the lack of decent amenities. It really hit me this last winter. I live in a four season college town. It can get bitterly cold in the winter months and overly heated during the spring and summer months. Without proper heating and air conditioning, going to class can be an awful nightmare to contend with. This past winter, I had three classes in the same lecture hall. It was nearly below zero outside and the classroom air conditioner was on full blast! The air vents were spread out throughout the classroom and there was just no way to escape the cold blasts coming down on a regular basis. This school wouldn’t allow you to bring any type of food or beverage into the classrooms, so even a hot cup of coffee wouldn’t soothe my cold. I can’t tell you how many times the student body complained to the head offices, but nothing was ever done. To make matters so much worse, when you walk the hallways of the college the heat was so high that you felt like you were right in the middle of a heat wave! I was so over the constant heating and air conditioning torture they were putting us through that my studies were really suffering for it. I needed to find a solution and fast!

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