Caravan of HVAC Repair

The southern part of the country just recently battled two major hurricanes. Now that the storms were over, people were flooding down there to help. It was amazing to see so many pull together in order to help those who are suffering. In addition to all the food and supplies that were being trucked down there, a large group of people were on their way to offer HVAC system repairs for the elderly. When big storms come, they not only knock out the electricity, they can completely destroy people’s heating and cooling systems. A few friends of mine decided to drive down there to help the elderly by repairing their broken cooling systems. I decided to join them. I was extremely handy with tools, and I had a heart to help. The devastation we saw was unreal! It was such an amazing joy, however, to see the smiling faces of the elderly as we repaired their broken HVAC systems though. Without a working HVAC system, a lot of people can develop illnesses. This cooling system dilemma mainly Affects the older population, but younger people with breathing difficulties can suffer tremendously from a broken air conditioner as well. My friends and I traveled from city to city in an old truck, and we must have fixed about 150 HVAC systems over the course of 4 weeks. That was such an amazing time. I will never forget that HVAC system repair trip as long as I live. If another tragic storm strikes next year, I will be right on the front lines to help with any heating and cooling system needs.

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