Wanting to be a HVAC provider

I am very happy to announce that my business partner and I want to officially open our new heating systems, cooling, and ventilation (HVAC) business in this next month or so. In our meantime, we are working on preparing the budget and crunching the figures before our official launch. Being professional HVAC technicians, we know a lot about HVAC technology and what kinds of customers we can expect to deal with, in addition to how to price competitively. The single thing we’re not too positive about is branding and marketing strategy. How much branding and marketing is really required for an HVAC corporation? A logo is probably a good option and we do plan on developing a professional, easy to use website, but do we want to go as far as getting uniforms and billboards and ads in the local paper? I know for sure we have to get our phone number well advertised so people know who to call just in case of a severe HVAC problem. I am looking at making refrigerator magnets and driving them out to a few local churches and community events. I’d like to enhance our searchability on google also so that when people search for HVAC companies in my town, we are number one. However, I don’t intend on getting overboard with marketing because I still wish to impersonate the small, unique, honest HVAC company that we unquestionably are. I think the very best approach would be to focus on improving our reputation one customer by one, getting some solid reviews on our social networking and Yelp pages, and then focusing on branding as time goes on.

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