The ac device needs to be set up

Not too long ago, I purchased a brand updated air conditioning unit for $4k. I was so proud of myself for saving up money and getting an innovative A/C. I used the A/C all over the summer and I was so happy. Then the moment fall and winter arrived, I had to turn to my propane gas furnace instead, and leave the A/C on its own. As it became spring and summer again, I went out back to examine my air conditioner. I unexpectedly found the AC was toppled over and in bad shape. Apparently, the HVAC installer didn’t properly secure the A/C system into position. The unit wouldn’t even start. It looked as if some wires had been detached whenever the system fell over. I called out the HVAC installer and he rushed over, apologizing profusely. I wasn’t positive whether or not I should be mad and threaten him or wait for him to try to make an offer. He was an exceedingly nice guy, and he said that he’ll secure the A/C to mounting brackets, fix the broken wiring, and clean up any other damages he found free of charge to me. He then offered five years of free tune ups in turn for not complaining to the better business bureau and also for staying off social networking. I told him that I’d agree if he would toss in free repairs if anything goes wrong with the A/C for the next four years as well. We shook hands, and he went along on his way,

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