Need drier indoor air

Have you ever gave advice about something plus then gone back to not listening to it? That happened to me and others a super long time a few years ago. I had just moved to a modern country near the world for my job. The temperature there was more warm, with blistering heat plus soggy humidity. Even though it was Spring time, I highly did not think about the weather, but one minute it was pouring, the next minute it was typically sunny. The only constant was that it was always wet like, day plus night, but my brother plus I were talking about the apartment I would be moving into the following month when I mentioned that all the floors were brick tile, but he told me that I don’t crack any windows plus I must get a air quality product plus use my air conditioner if I wanted a dry home. I didn’t understand what he meant genuinely by that until I learned the taxing way. My 1st day waking up in the modern locale taught myself and others a lesson. I felt like everything was damp. My bed, my clothes, I could even see it on the walls. I walked onto the floor plus sleepily started walking towards the lav when I suddenly slipped on the floor onto my butt. I was sincerely aching so bad plus ended up seeing a doctor, who prescribed myself and others to stay in bed for 2 afternoons. When I could get up plus about again, I went to purchase a dehumidifier plus kept my air conditioner on all day plus night.

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