AC for outdoor event

Most homes have special fun time activities and as for mine, it was going on trips in the camper. My sibling Benny plus I wouldn’t have minded a tent even, but my sister Lyla wasn’t so adventurous. One summertime the three of us opted to go to the mountains plus spend a week. It was the warmest part of the summertime, the three of us call them the ‘cat afternoons of summertime’ but this didn’t scare us since our camper had an air conditioner unit in the window that was strong enough to cool the complete thing. The three of us drove for hours to reach the campground plus were extra tired after setting up all our stuff. The three of us turned on the AC, barbecued some meat, plus ended up going to bed early. About 9 the next day, the three of us all woke up perspiring plus highly uncomfortable. My sister Lyla went to take a look plus found that the equipment had stopped working. Lyla wasn’t exactly Mrs. Fix-it, plus in a time before cell phones, the three of us had no option but to pack up plus drive into town. The initial idea was to phone a repair service to repair it plus then head back up the mountain, but at this time in the day, my sister Lyla was just fed up. Lyla plus my brother Benny discussed what to do plus finally decided to find a hotel plus spend the days within the historic town instead.

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