The ac in a hotel

Even though I love my new house, I really enjoy staying in hotels at every chance I get. It all goes back to when I was younger. My dad was a jeweler, and would take me on the road with him sometimes to sell stuff. For weeks on end we drove and sold things, stopping every night in some other hotel room around the country. Those were great times for me, and these days I still get that old thrill of happiness when I make that first step into a hotel suite. I does not ought to be big or fancy, either. Providing they have clean beds, cable television, and a strong air conditioner, I am a happy girl. Few elements make me as happy as sprawling out across a twin sized hotel bed, flipping around with the remote control and feeling this ice cold AC wash around me. At home I always am concerned about the utility bills, conserving energy, closely monitoring the thermostat, and all of those little things. But at a nice hotel all bets are off, and I will run that A/C system so forcefully that I have to wrap myself up in blankets to maintain from shivering. But no matter how cold it gets I may never, ever turn that Ac unit down a notch! Last month I actually stayed within a hotel room for a night time for no true reason, My partner and I were just bored and preferred that feeling only the lodge air conditioner could give us. My best mate told me I can turn down my AC at home and get the same effect, but he just don’t get it.

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